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CMI 18 – 8 Reasons to Quit Your Job and Start a Business

| June 26, 2014 | 6 Comments

Welcome to the eighteenth episode of the Create My Independence Podcast. This week’s episode was recorded at the park AND on video! Feel free to listen to the audio version above as usual or watch the video version below!

In the seventeenth episode, I covered both what DOES work and what DOESN’T work when it comes to making an independent income online (or even offline). Of course, it’s all coming from my personal experience over the past year where I’ve been building my business up from nothing. If you missed that episode and want to hear more, head back and listen to that episode.

In today’s episode, we’re going through 8 reasons why you should ditch your job (if you have one) and start a business. I cover very good reasons like being able to work on your own schedule, being able to work with people you like working with, being able enjoy the nicest days, being able to work WHERE you want, escaping office politics and working in an environment that empowers you and makes you feel good about yourself. If you are currently in a situation where you don’t have these great (and very achievable things), then this week’s episode is for you!

Here’s What I Talk About in This Episode

My Clients:

  • ZZZ Sleep Products – (let me know if you’re interested in a mattress. They are memory foam and gel memory foam and the prices are really good. I’ll be getting mine soon and I’ll let you know what I think of it.

8 Reasons to Ditch the Job and Start a Business:

  1. So you can work on your own schedule
  2. So you can enjoy nice days
  3. So you can control your income
  4. So you can ditch the politics
  5. So you can work from anywhere
  6. Not sure what happened to #5…Maybe I forgot it?
  7. So you can work with people who you want to work with
  8. So you can feel good about yourself again

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I look forward to coming along with you on your walk, run, bike ride and/or drive to work this week!

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Comments (6)

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  1. If corporation setup, Earn -> Spend -> Tax whereas employees Earn -> Tax-> Spend…

  2. marvin mcdude says:

    Kraig, I loved the recording from the park. I hope you continue this format.

    • McDUDE,

      Awesome. What did you love about it? The video or the extra outdoor enthusiasm?

      • marvin mcdude says:

        Both, and here’s why.

        If a picture is worth 10,00 words, then video has gotta be worth about 10 billion. And that video illustrated your main point – freedom from the office cubicle, working on your own terms, etc.

        I gotta say, also, that I did detect a little extra enthusiasm as well. Probably cuz it’s pretty amazing to work from a park.

        Finally, even you though you were just sitting there, watching someone talk is still way better than just listening to the sound of a podcast, in my personal opinion.

  3. Rich Grimshaw says:

    Great idea to shoot this in the park! I could tell that you were having way too much fun. I’m not ready to quit my day job yet, but this sure stoked the fire for creating my own independence. Thanks, Kraig. Looking forward to next week. Maybe a podcast shot while skydiving?

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