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CMI 19 – How to Identify How Much Independence You Have

| July 3, 2014 | 7 Comments

Welcome to the nineteenth episode of the Create My Independence Podcast.cmipodcastartsmall

In the eighteenth episode, we covered eight reasons why you should ditch your job (if you have one) and start a business. If you missed that episode and want to hear more, head back and listen to that episode.

In today’s episode, we’re covering how to tell if you’re independent. I believe that the degree of independence you have is directly related to how much financial padding you have, how diverse your sources of income are, how many marketable skills you have that you could turn around and sell as services if need, how much passive income you have from things like investments and how free you are to walk away from any one job or client without experiencing significant financial troubles. Listen in for all this as well as hearing about four income sources you can build from a blog, which I share from personal experience.

Here’s What I Talk About in This Episode

Business Update (My Killer Month in June)

How to tell if you’re independent

  • Do you have multiple income sources that are independent of each other?
  • Do you have a significant amount of financial padding in case of a drop in income?
  • Do you have valuable skills you can put into play if needed?
  • Do you have passive income coming in? Ex: investment income
  • Are you free turn down or let go of any job or client without experiencing significant financial troubles?

4 Income Sources You Can Build from a Blog

  1. Advertising
  2. Affiliate Sales
  3. Info Products
  4. Services

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  1. Happy Independence Day Kraig!

    Jumping into the black. Hopefully you don’t have to pull all nighters to keep up with all the demand. Planning for too much success might be a worthy topic at some point in the future.

    Congrats on the progress.

    • Wade,

      Happy fourth to you as well (a few days late)!

      Hope you had a good one. I read about your trip to AZ. I bet that was a good time. Great suggestions for a summer trip. I’ll keep them in mind.

      Demand isn’t too bad yet. I’ve still got plenty of time to waste. 🙂

      Talk to you soon!

  2. Kraig,

    Your progress is growing in leaps and bounds. Amazing results come with amazing effort. I also like the diversity of your income. Keep building that business empire one customer at a time.


    • MDP,

      Yes, it is growing quite a bit. Thanks for stopping by and for the regular support and encouragement. It certainly makes me want to keep at it, having this group of friends keeping me accountable.

      I hope things are well with you!

  3. Kathy says:

    I love what you have to say! I am learning so much from you! Thank you for all your help!

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