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Stop Relying

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I’m Kraig. I’m here to show you how to stop relying on a job you hate and start doing work you love.

About Me


I’m Kraig, founder of Create My Independence and Membership Site Boss. I’m 32 years old and I live in a southern suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Over the last five years, I’ve built up an independent business from nothing. I’m not a genius software programmer or hype marketer, but just a regular guy working diligently to earn an independent living doing work I care about.

It all started with drastically cutting my lifestyle in 2010, getting myself out of debt shortly thereafter and building up almost five years of living expenses by mid 2013. I quit my job at that point to focus on building my business. Today, I earn 100% of my income independently, without a job. I earned over $42,000 in 2014, $63,000 in 2015 and am on track for an even better 2016. I hope you’ll stick around and follow my journey.

Feel free to grab my Free ‘Cheat Sheet’ below and I’ll send you the “10 Steps to Successfully Saving Enough Money to Make the Leap”, which outlines the EXACT same steps I used to dig my way out of debt and grow my net worth from $0 to $100,000 in just a few years (which allowed me to quit my job, focus on my business and start doing things my way). Just enter your name and email address.

My Story

I grew up in rural Minnesota and always asked why everyone had to have a job (the 40 hour/week, cubicle type). I didn’t feel like it was fair to any of us (or our families) to leave home everyday to go sit in a cubicle to “work” on things we didn’t care about for the majority of our lives. I knew there had to be a better plan and I was dead set on finding it and taking advantage of it.

As a teenager, I disliked all my jobs but LOVED my little lawn mowing business, which pretty much sealed the deal that I wouldn’t be able work a traditional job until I was 65.

When I looked at those around me who didn’t have jobs, I realized most of them were business owners. As I learned more about these business owners, I realized they were the ones making all the money and having the most fun. They also didn’t have to work on things they didn’t care about. So, I figured out that I needed to become a business owner.

Once I knew I needed to create my own business, I started learning how. I spent the next ten years learning all I could about business. I started taking notes at work. I started taking business classes at the local community college I was attending and eventually, I even got a business degree in entrepreneurial management at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, which was quite an accomplishment for me since I was always terrible in school.

When I graduated college in 2007, I join a five person internet marketing start-up and for the next six years, I learned all I could about that company and industry as we grew exponentially to almost 40 employees.

What Does This Have to Do With Personal Finance?

Well, when I looked at myself in 2008, I had $25,000 of debt, a lifestyle I couldn’t afford, and a pretty small salary. I started to wonder how I was ever going to be able to support a family or buy a home, let alone start and run my own business someday. It was quite frustrating.

Then, the crash of 2008 hit and things got scary. I tried tightening my belt a bit and had some success with that, but then in 2010 after some major unexpected expenses, I had a moment of truth. I was either going to keep making mediocre progress and never really get anywhere, or I was going to make MAJOR changes to my life to MAKE SURE I’d be able to provide for my future family and start a business someday.

I decided to MAKE BIG CHANGES and cut my lifestyle to get myself out of debt and ahead financially. That was Memorial Day Weekend 2010, when I decided to go ALL IN.

From that point forward, things have never been the same. I paid off all my debt in the seven months after that. I was then debt free and decided to never go back. I kept saving like crazy at the rate of over half of my income for two and a half years after becoming debt free. That, along with a couple of small windfalls and a rising stock portfolio allowed me to accumulate close to five years of living expenses by July 2013.

At that point, I decided to make the leap into full time entrepreneurship (read the story here).

So Why The Create My Independence Blog?

Create My Independence is my way of sharing my journey with as many other like-minded people out there as possible. I’m proof that there’s a different way to do things. We don’t all have to conform to “just the way things are done”. It’s not just about running my own business or about being in control, it’s about creating independence so I can spend my life doing things that I’m excited about. I want you to be able to do the same, so I’m being as transparent as I can about my journey on this site to help us both accomplish big things and “game” this system that we don’t believe is best for us.

Feel free to grab my Free ‘Cheat Sheet’ below to get the “10 Steps to Successfully Saving Enough Money to Make the Leap”, which outlines the EXACT same steps I used to dig my way out of debt and grow my net worth from $0 to $100,000 in just a few years (which allowed me to quit my job, focus on my business and start doing things my way). Just enter your name and email address below and I’ll send it right over.

Thanks So Much for Stopping By!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Feel free to browse around and if you have any questions at all, please let me know (kraig@createmyindependence.com). I love getting emails and I make sure to respond to every one I get. I’m excited to get to know you, so please do get in touch.