My friend and I went to Best Buy tonight. He wanted to show me a new in-dash stereo/GPS/DVD player that he has his eye on for his car. The price tag on it says $800. My first thought when I saw it was, “Ouch, that’s not worth $800 to me.” Next, we checked out all the latest and greatest electronics in the store. We stopped by the home theater section where he showed me a center channel speaker that he wants (he has an entire home theater system, but no center channel). That was $250, for just the one speaker. After that, we watched some TV in 3D. Wow, now that was actually cool. I thought about what it would be like to own a 3D TV for about……. 30 seconds.

Next, we were off to the cameras. Good thing I don’t know much about the new cameras, because I didn’t even geek out very much. Four years ago, I was in and out of Best Buy weekly, eyeballing the newest Canon camera. I bought one right before my California trip in 2008 for $450. It’s still my camera today, although the camera on my iPhone 4S is about as good now and 10 times smaller, more portable and more convenient. Anyway, since I don’t know squat about camera’s anymore, I just played around with them for a bit and then left that department.

Last, but not least, my friend and I made our way to the computer section, where… to be honest, I wasn’t impressed at all. They had like 10 computers, most of which didn’t seem to be any cooler than my trusty HP desktop that I bought 4 and a half years ago. Is Best Buy’s selection getting worse or what?

So, what’s the point of this story? The point is that I used to be a Best Buy fanatic. I would have died and gone to heaven if I could have gotten a gift certificate there back in my younger days. That was my favorite place to shop, back when I had no money. Those shiny new electronics looked so awesome and if only I had the money to buy them, my life would have been so much better (yeah right).

Fast forward many years to tonight. I’m walking through the store and thinking, I don’t want any of this junk. That stereo system is $700? I can go to the Financial Blogger Conference for that. And wow, that would that be such a better investment. That’s it folks, I’ve gone off the deep end. Nothing in Best Buy appeals to me anymore. In fact, the store looked and felt like it was dying a long, slow death. The employees looked like they were miserable. The selection looked to be fading away. And the appeal of all that shiny new electronic eye candy is gone in my mind. Through my blog, I hope to help more people see it like I do that, the expensive stuff they sell at stores like that is a big waste of money. It might make you feel good today, but when all the money in your bank account is gone and your toy starts to get obsolete, you end up with nothing. Take it from me, that crap is useless. I have plenty of old and outdated electronics sitting around my apartment collecting dust. Investing in your future is where its at!