Lately, I have found myself not even the least bit interested about writing about money or personal finance. That puts me in a tight spot when I have a personal finance blog to write at and readers who want to read what I have to say next. I hope you all will understand that today, I just don’t feel like writing about money. Over the past few years, I’ve found myself going through different money stages. At first, I thought money was the solution to all my problems. I started saving it like mad and was on a mission to rid myself of every worry that I had and every potential problem I saw in my future through money. As I did well financially, I kept pushing forward. Four years later, here I am, with money. And what have I learned? I’ve learned that it didn’t solve everything.

When Money Doesn’t Matter

Here are some recent times in my life, where money hasn’t mattered:

  • When I needed my family and friends
  • When my family and friends have needed me
  • When my mom went through hard times
  • When my grandma gave us a serious scare and then had to go into the home
  • When I was lonely
  • When my two nephews were born and as they grow fast and learn like sponges

What Does Matter to Me

I’m burned out on money. Yes, I have some. No, it doesn’t bring me much joy by itself. What brings me joy and matters to me is:

  • Meeting and spending time with a special girl that I see a future with
  • My mom, sister, brother, brother-in-law and two nephews
  • Having my whole family together for a beautiful weekend after what seemed like an eternity of separation and huge family trials
  • Enjoying the Minnesota summer with my friends and doing all kinds of fun things together
  • Getting down on my knees saying thanks to God for both all He has given me and humbly asking for strength, hope, faith and love and all kinds of blessings for my family and friends
  • Precious memories of meaningful experiences I’ve had with my family and friends so far in my life, including with people like my dad and grandparents who are no longer here
  • The character of the person I am today. I believe that I’m a good person, even though I still have a long way to go. My character was shaped and molded not by the great times, but by the hard times.
  • The hope of Christ. He’s my hope, not money, and I need to remember that.

This post is deep, yes, but the fact is I don’t feel like money matters to me right now. Life, love, hope and the promises of God matter right now to me. What are your thoughts on all this? How important is all this money stuff, really? Do you ever get to feeling like I am right now?