It’s not yet a specific goal of mine to buy a house in cash, but rather a dream. It’s not that I don’t think I can do it, because I do. It’s that I don’t know when I’ll want to buy a house. The dream of it is what’s been on my mind lately because right now, I have no plans to move out of my modest little one-bedroom apartment that I’ve lived in for the past five years.

How It Started

My life has been very different ever since I decided to not be broke anymore. Yes, it really was a decision. There were two sides to the equation of not being broke anymore. They were income and outgo. I kicked it at work. I was fortunate in MANY ways throughout the past five years in this area. On the outgo side, I cut the crap out of my lifestyle. No cable TV. No unlimited text messaging. No going out to lunch. I did very little dining out, bar hopping or traveling. I looked at every single line item on my budget and attempted to cut it. I ALMOST went to some crazy extremes. Boy, did I really not want to be broke anymore. And you know what? That attitude is what it took. I’m not broke anymore.

Not only am I not broke anymore, but I have a few bucks stashed away. It’s crazy how my lifestyle didn’t creep up after I got out of debt. I got used to living on nothing for the year or two I worked to get out of debt. It was no big deal to maintain my pretty comfortable standard of “deprivation”. So with a nice income and a low cost lifestyle, I put more money away in less than two years than I ever thought possible.

Today, I’m not a victim anymore to how bad the economy is or how the little man can’t get ahead. I know from experience that I can get ahead. In fact, I know that I have the ability to knock my finances out of the park. About a year ago, a question came up in my mind as I thought about my future. Could I buy a house in cash someday? I didn’t have to think too hard about my answer before it came out, “Yes, I can”.

My Dream

And that is when the dreaming began. Here’s a personal tour of this little dream of mine:

It’s the summer of 2015. I just turned 31 a few months back. I may or may not still be single (hopefully, I’m not). I’m hosting a party tonight at my new house where I’ve invited 25-30 of my close friends, family and business partners. As the sun sets, it’s about 72 degrees and we’re grilling out, having wine, beer and champagne. The occasion? I just bought my first house!

The guests start arriving. They don’t think much of it. “Nice house, Kraig”, they say to me. In casual conversation, the questions start getting asked. “Did you score an interest rate in the low 3’s, Kraig?” Another friend asks, “Did you do a 30 year or a 15 year? I hope you got a fixed rate mortgage as well. I did, and it sure gives me comfort.”

My response to these questions almost knocks these friends over. “I paid for the house in cash”. “Whoah” everyone says. Some jealously comes into play when people start thinking of me as being lucky, in the right place at the right time or born into the right family.

When the how questions come out like, how did you come up with that kind of money, I start to feel a sense of accomplishment as I say, “I worked hard and saved it”.

It’s Not About The Money

Knowing that I worked that hard for something over several years, never giving up and always keeping my nose to the grindstone, is something I look forward to feeling. It’s years away. I don’t want to show off my richness to my friends and family. Instead, I want to show them that if you work hard, set goals and never give up, you can accomplish things that most people would have never thought possible. I want to be the guy that shocks others with the things I accomplish, not because of luck or entitlement, but because I focused, worked hard and never gave up.

Money isn’t the reason for it all. Hard work, crazy hard goals and a sense of personal growth is what I’m working for. Oh yeah, I kind of like the thought of never having to pay rent again and never having a mortgage. How awesome would it be to start a family with a paid for house? I’m on a mission. I have work to do.