There’s been a little bit of flattery going on this week as two people I know in real life confirmed that they did indeed pay off some or all of their debt because of this blog. That makes me happy and gives me a sense of purpose in what I’m doing here. Upon hearing of these examples, one can’t help but wonder who else is being effected by what we say here on this blog or what’s said on other even greater blogs out there. The question is, is inspiration all that’s needed to change our personal finance lives for the better? Let’s dig deeper.


For Me, It All Started with Inspiration

Several years ago, I stumbled across this guy named Dave Ramsey. I didn’t know a thing about him, but soon learned that he was a personal finance guru, and that he seemed like a good guy. My first memory of him was back when I still had cable. He was on TV almost every night back then on Fox Business. He had a guest on the show and promoted her book. It was called Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters. Of course, it wasn’t relevant to me as I’m not a daughter nor a father. But I had a dad and I have a sister. I can put two and two together and see how this was a great message to send to fathers out there. This Dave guy built credibility with me that day when I just felt a sense that he cared about people and wasn’t in this for the fame, but for the impact.

So this guy Dave, I listened to him like he was going out of style. I soon learned that he and I had a lot in common. He hated debt, which was not something I was used to hearing. The only person I ever remember hating debt was my dad. So Dave took over the role that my dad couldn’t play anymore, since he’s not here anymore, which is the role of personal finance mentor and adviser. Dave was a good one.

Dave inspired me like no one else ever had on personal finance. He made me stop and think about what I wanted my future to look like. For the first time ever, I felt motivated to give it all I had. I started to dream of being debt free, of building wealth, of changing my family tree, of making my dad proud, of being able to support my family someday, of retiring with dignity, of leaving a legacy. I was fired up to rock this stuff. I changed my life because of Dave. Dave, thanks a lot for that. (Wow, I just produced and distributed a commercial for him. Maybe next time, I’ll get paid for that).

Can I Help People Like That?

There’s definitely still room to impact people beyond what these financial movie stars if you will, like Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman are doing. Not everyone can connect with them like I connected with Dave. Not everyone is into what they teach or their personalities. Of course, not everyone is into mine either, but some people might be.

I’m excited about helping all of you, even if only in a small way, to be inspired to change your life through your finances.

What Causes Us to Make These Changes?

Back to this question on what causes us to make changes like cutting our lifestyle, paying off our debt or aggressively saving our income. Is it inspiration? Is it common sense? Is it rational thinking? Does it make any sense at all? Is it emotional?

For me, it was all about inspiration. It was emotional. It wasn’t so rational. My emotions were touched. It wasn’t about math, where I pulled out a calculator, ran some numbers and then said, “Huh, I guess this makes more sense.” It was dreaming and emotions that I felt of being able to take care of my family, being able to give to causes I really care about, being able to leave a legacy for my family and changing my life and the lives of my family that moved me. Personal finance is personal and it’s about “WHY”, not about math.

My “Why” is Personal and Inspirational

I’m in this for personal reasons. I’m inspired on many, many levels. I hope to help myself, my family, my friends and you. I’m in this so I can spend less time on what I don’t care about and more time on what I do care about.

What causes you to save or not save? What causes you to pay off your debt or not pay off your debt? What causes you to make big changes in your life and become a different person? I’d love to learn more about how this all works for you. Please comment and tell us more. It’s not to make my head bigger, I promise, but instead to make this a better bit of inspiration and help for you to accomplish big things.