The days until I reach 30 years old are numbered. I’ll be 29 soon, the last year of my twenties. As friends and family around my age reach the 30 mark, I often think to myself what it will be like when I get there. In some ways it will be sad, because my twenties are no longer and never will be again. It’s like how my college years, high school/teenage years and my childhood years are no more and never will be again. That part is sad. Those were great times of my life. But as I get further down my path, I look to the future and get excited.getting older

The Older I Get, The Better My Life Will Be

People I know in real life joke a lot about how “negative” I am. Whether or not this is really true, I don’t know. I can’t judge myself from that viewpoint. I don’t believe that I’m really negative. I’m just stubborn and somewhat of a non-conformist. I just don’t like the “normal” ways that things are done. Here’s a few examples:

  • As a kid, I didn’t like how I always had to do what my parents told me to.
  • As a teenager, I didn’t like that I had to be in school every single day.
  • At work, I don’t like to do things the way others tell me to.
  • I don’t want to work at a “job” until I’m 65.
  • I don’t want to borrow money to buy a house.
  • I don’t want to be broke.

Every one of those sentences has a “didn’t” or a “don’t”. No wonder people think I’m negative. But it only sounds negative because I’m a lousy communicator. Here’s what I really mean when I say those things:

  • As a kid, I wanted to explore, learn new things and have fun.
  • As a teenager, I wanted to learn the way I learned best, by going out and doing.
  • At work, I want to problem solve and figure out how to do things in a new way.
  • I want to start my own business someday and work when/where/how much I want and retire early (if I choose to).
  • I want to save up and buy a house in cash someday.
  • I want the ability to work on what excites me everyday, spend my time where I can make the most difference to those I care about and give to others.

It’s all in my communication. I can say it positively in writing, but I stutter when I verbally communicate these things. Deep down, I think I’m a positive person instead of a negative person. I need to work on bettering my presentation of all this. Also, I left out the part where I have a dry and rough around the edges personality. That probably doesn’t help either, does it? Um, well maybe I’ll always come off “negative”. But, those who know me, know that I mean well. It just is who I am.

Financially, I’m Very Excited to Get Older

Here’s what’s more positive than ever about getting older from here. I’m 28 and pretty damn wise. In my twenties, I’ve learned that time is more important than money. I’ve learned that I can kick butt at things if I put my mind to them. I’ve learned that I’m not a failure, but instead am a driven, passionate and determined person, who’s got a lot of fight. I’m on a roll to a financially and professionally successful future, all of which I’ve learned in my twenties. Heck, almost everything I’ve accomplished in my life has been done in my twenties. It will be known as the decade where I learned how to climb uphill.

I have a goal set for my 30th birthday to have at least $100,000 in investments. Yes, it’s a crazy goal, but one that I think I’ll be able to hit. Do you know what getting older means when you’re on an awesome path of working towards the life you really want? It means getting closer and closer and further along towards all your goals. It means making your dreams a reality. Those things I’m working towards will be happening in the future. That’s why this stuff is so exciting.

Now, I’m just a regular guy. Just over two years ago, I paid off the last of my debt with the last of the money I had to my name. I’m on a trajectory where I hope to have a 6 figure investment portfolio built up in just over 3 years (over 80% of which I will have earned and saved). If I keep on this path, what will my future look like?

And This Little Blog Is Even Doing Well

This blog is just shy of 15 months old. By blog standards, it’s not a very big deal yet. But 15 months ago, it didn’t exist. Here’s where it’s at today:

  • 6,000 unique visitors per month
  • 650 Twitter followers
  • 200 RSS/Email subscribers
  • 10 or more comments per post

This blog is on an exponential growth trajectory and who knows where it will go in the next 15 months. As I look at the real-time analytics right now, there are 5 people, not including me, browsing this site. Earlier this afternoon, it had bursts of over 10 readers at a time. It’s exciting.

When you’ve got big goals set, are working like crazy to make them a reality and have figured out that life doesn’t have to suck, then getting older has a lot of excitement to it. After all, if we have an internal drive that no one can take away from us and a sense of hope in the future that’s indestructible, then the future has no chance of sucking and every chance of being awesome.