I won’t sugar coat my experience from this past week. The truth is it’s been an emotional roller coaster. My mind is going back and forth between, “I’m ready to rock and roll” and “What in the heck did I do?”. So which is it, did I do a good thing or a bad thing? All emotions aside, it most likely doesn’t matter. Although this period will likely go down as a big turning point in my life either way, I believe the categorization of whether it was good versus bad is irrelevant at best.

Freedom Roller Coaster

Sometimes, Change is Just Inevitable

It was the end of that era either way. Sure, I could have stayed there. If I wouldn’t have left, this week would have been another where I had no time, no energy and no emotions going through my body. It would have been productive in that I would have earned my paycheck, but would it have been contributing to my overall sense of purpose in this world? I just can’t say that it would have. To top that off, it was coming to the end. I could have stayed a few more months, perhaps even another year, but boy, it would have been tough to do. There were signs everywhere that things were over and my next step was needed.

So bam, just like that, I was out (or so it felt this past week). I caused it to happen, therefore I’ve been going back and forth in my mind about it. “Did I do the right thing?” and “Can I really do what I planned to do?” have been on constant repeat lately. It’s a battlefield in my mind. I’ve come to the realization that my success or failure probably has more to do with my state of mind than anything else. I know deep down that if I’m in a good state of mind, I can get out there, add value for others and find purpose in the process.

I’ve been going in a couple directions this past week. First, I took care of some administrative stuff that I’ve been putting off for a while. Second, I’m working on another website, which I’ll disclose at a later time when I’m further down the road and have more of it figured out. Third, I’m working on winning the war in my mind, completely destroying the negative feelings that are threatening to take me down. I’m not going to stand for destroying myself. If I fail because of external factors, fine, but I’m not going to settle for internal defeat.

What Do You Think of Podcasts?

On to another topic: Podcasts. I want to know what you think of them. I’m a serious geek about them. I told my girlfriend the other day that I could listen to podcasts 24 hours a day without getting bored. I don’t think that’s an overstatement either. I’ve listed some before, but here are my favorites lately:

  1. The Lifestyle Business Podcast  – Dan and Ian do this one. I love being a part of their conversations. It’s like we’re all buds, although they don’t even know me. Dan and Ian, you rock!
  2. The Fizzle Show – This is done by Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves and Caleb Wojcik. It’s a new show, but a really good one. Corbett is sort of a hero of mine right now. I just think he’s a great guy and I really respect the things he’s doing and the business he’s built. I’m going to see if I can do an interview of him sometime soon.
  3. The Smart Passive Income Podcast – This is done by the one and only Patt Flynn, who’s going to be speaking at this year’s Financial Blogger Conference in St. Louis, which of course I’m going to. If I had 100 hours or so to devote to podcasts, I would spend a good chunk of them on this podcast, mostly because I haven’t listened to many of them yet. I don’t even have to promote this as he’s famous enough already. This is one of the best shows out there for people striving to create revenue online.

Others that are now on my radar are these:

  1. Podcast Answer Man – This is all about how to do great podcasts (which I’m into right now), but he’s all around entertaining too and has an inspiring story.
  2. Foolish Adventure Show – Dan from Lifestyle Business Podcast mentioned this show as one he listens to. Enough said. If Dan listens, I listen.
  3. Starting from Nothing – I’ve listened to one episode and will continue. It’s about starting something (a business) from nothing. That’s right up my alley right now.

I’ll find others for you. Just hang tight.

Back to my original thought. Do you listen to podcasts? If so, why? And if not, why not? As a dumbie iPhone user, I finally realized there was an app for podcast subscriptions (Podcasts app), so I’m loving that lately. But even without an iPhone, you can listen to most of them right from their websites. The best part is that you can listen while working, while cleaning, while running or biking and even while driving (if you have the equipment). Compared to when you can read a blog (while in front of a computer, tablet or smart phone), podcasts rock. Oh, and they are much more personal. You can’t hear the tone in my voice from my writing. You can’t pick up on whether or not I’m excited, bored or upset. On a podcast you can.

I’m considering picking up the equipment to try this. I’d love feedback from you.

Make Sure to Jump on Board!

Last, but not least, I want to invite you to again shoot me an email (kraig@createmyindependence.com) and/or subscribe to future posts by email here. Right now, I’m on an emotional roller coaster, but I’m going to fight through this to come out fully confident to rock on going forward. I plan to try some new things like audio and video and even a new site or two. Feedback from you is extremely welcome.

Until next time, enjoy your summer, get some golfing in, some grilling, some camping, some sun, some swimming and some time for family and friends in before it passes us by!