Today, we take a look at the online demo site, which is perfect for learning how to use before or after you’ve signed up. This demo site has the full functionality of the free financial software. To get to the training demo site, go to Google and type in demo. The first listing, the one with the URL (the web address) starting with, is the one you should click on.

This loads slowly (not sure why), but it will load up the home page. This is exactly what the home page of looks like. Take a look at the video to walk through what all of the gadgets are on this home page screen.

On the top left is your financial account list. On top are your cash accounts, or bank accounts. I highly recommend you connect ALL of your financial accounts to your account. This not only means your bank accounts, but also your credit card accounts, your car loan accounts, your student loan accounts and your home mortgage accounts. Below your cash accounts in this account list are your credit card accounts. Below that are your loan accounts where your car loans, student loans and mortgage loans will be. Below that are your investment accounts. Below that is a section called property, which needs to be recorded manually by clicking on the accounts link in the upper right hand corner of I recommend manually entering in all the property you own, regardless of if you have a loan on it. Enter in the value (if you were to sell it today) of all your cars (see if you don’t know), boats, houses, etc. If there is a loan on any one of these, that loan will cancel the value of it out when calculating your net worth.

Below the account list are some summary and trend charts. On the top right of’s home page are notifications, which you can modify, as well as some targeted advertisements. Below that is some advice and a bills area, which can remind you of which bills are due when, which it sometimes pulls from your accounts, such as credit cards. I wouldn’t worry too much about this notifications section, the advice section or the bill reminders section (unless you want to use them and like their usefulness). I don’t use them and don’t see a need to.

Below those sections is the budget section, which is very useful. I’ll be going over the budget section in upcoming videos. I would say the budget section is one of the most useful parts of so you will want to use it. It will allow you to see how much you’re spending (or projecting to spend) at any point in the month. It’s pretty awesome.

Below that is some information about your investment accounts and which ones have moved significantly recently. This section isn’t incredibly useful in my opinion. Below that are some additional targeted advertisements, which you may or may not find useful. I don’t.

That’s an overview of the training demo site. Feel free to play around on it and learn how to better use Click here to visit this demo site and start learning to use it.

Stay tuned for additional training videos, where we’ll explore the rest of this awesome and free financial management software to help you manage your finances.