Last week, I linked to Chris Guillebeau’s site, The Art of Non-Conformity, in my post featuring an interview with Sean Ogle of Location 180. I have to credit Sean for pushing me to take a closer look at Chris’ site, giving me the chance to find this gem, 279 Days to Overnight Success, by Chris Guillebeau. This 79 page manifesto has changed the way I think about Create My Independence, giving me the inspiration, encouragement and tools to head down a different, better path.


279 Days to Overnight Success

This document is a collection of Chris’ thoughts and beliefs of how to add value for people in this day and age. It’s directed at those of us non-conformists, who want something more from life than a 9-5 til 65, where we dress up in business casual attire, drive through rush hour traffic to spend 8-10 hours a day in a cubicle, get ourselves into unsustainable debt and become tied down to one job and one location. It’s for us internally motivated people who want to make a difference with what we do every day while enjoying it and also having freedom to leave it when we want to do other things.

Chris has coined the phrase, “World Domination“, where he tells people, “You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to.” To spread this message and connect like-minded people who want to really change the world, he puts on the “World Domination Summit” every year, which I plan to attend in 2014.

Here’s Chris’ outline for building an audience that allows you to add value to others and reach your potential at the same time:

  1. Create a Compelling Story and Be Remarkable
  2. Clearly Answer the “Reason Why”
  3. Prioritize Writing and Marketing over Everything Else
  4. Be Bigger Than You Really Are
  5. Build Long-Lasting Relationships
  6. Carefully Introduce Products and Services

Dig into the PDF for more information on those points. The overall message is to truly be remarkable at what you’re doing and give it freely to people. If you invest heavily enough in other people through sharing what you have to give and building enough rapport, you can make this lifestyle a reality and not have to do work you hate for the rest of your life.

Now, onto my main point for today:

Start a Blog This Week

It’s 2013. The internet is a real thing these days and it’s not going away. Resumes and cover letters have become LinkedIn profiles. Portfolios of work have become blogs and websites. Nine-to-five jobs are becoming a last resort. Opportunities are endless to build a business of your own, make money when you sleep and become location independent, where you can be wherever you want and work whenever you want. Sean did it. Chris did it too. This world domination stuff is actually possible these days for all of us.


I’ve heard it said a countless number of times that the way to get started to a life like Sean’s or Chris’ is to start a blog. Starting my blog back in 2011 was one of the best decisions I ever made for my career. “But Kraig, it’s a personal blog”. No, it’s not. In 2013, personal and professional are the same thing. My blog is my new resume. It shows you exactly who I am, what I’m capable of doing and what matters to me. It builds trust and credibility. It helps me network as well. I’ve met hundreds of people in person because of my blog and thousands of people digitally. I’ve even built real friendships through it with people who are a lot like me with similar values and goals in their life. Hands down, this blog has been one of the best things I’ve ever done professionally. I’d put it right up there with going to college.

Whoah… did I just say that starting my blog was as important as going to college? I did. College was great for me. It helped me learn a lot, some of it useful, and some of it not useful. But in heading toward a life that’s different than the norm, my college education didn’t help me head in that direction. My blog did. My blog was the foundation of it all. And so were the blogs of Sean Ogle and Chris Guillebeau for them. Blogs are where it’s at and if you want to live a life that’s different from what others expect from you, I encourage you to STRONGLY consider starting a blog THIS WEEK.

How to Do It

To get you started, here’s the basics of how to create a blog:

  1. Choose a platform – I’ll make this decision for you. Use WordPress.
  2. Get a hosting account and domain name – I’ll make this choice for you too. Use Bluehost. It’s about $100 per year ($8/month) and includes the domain name (which you can get at Bluehost). To support me in the process of creating your blog, please consider signing up for Bluehost using this link, which earns me a commission.
  3. Install WordPress through your Bluehost control panel.
  4. Log into your new WordPress site and write your first post.

Yes, it’s really that easy.

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