Let’s face the facts (insert link here to article on big media site that I don’t feel like supporting). Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. We don’t have to look far to see this happening with our friends and acquaintances. Standing in the Apple store last week (just before buying my first Mac), I overheard a Macbook Pro purchaser tell the salesperson she would take the $1,300 laptop and that she had been pre-approved for financing. Yee ha, cheers to that! (P.S. I bought mine in cash, of course.)

Me Having a Beer in SC

What do you think? Is she loaded but just felt like taking advantage of some extra airline miles? Or is she like most Americans, living paycheck to paycheck, working at a job she can’t stand, not having time for those she loves and yet buying things she can’t afford on credit?

Most of Us Just Shouldn’t Be Broke. Period.

Some of my buddies who, when in discussion over a beer, often talk about their need to not only work over 40 hours every single week, but how they also need to find a job that will pay them more, since they can’t “make it” on their current income.  It seems as though everyone I know is working over 40 hours a week and still barely scraping by. What gives?

Turning on shows like The Dave Ramsey Show, you’ll hear time and time again, stories of people in SERIOUS debt. Not only is this really serious for some, but it seems as though getting into big loads of debt is incredibly normal. Credit cards are opened at cash registers many, many times per day per store. Cars that shouldn’t be purchased are purchased every day by people who shouldn’t be buying them. Some car dealerships, like one I keep hearing on my local radio station (I won’t mention names), are in the business of convincing poor people to buy nicer cars than they can afford, all the while making it sound like a good deed.

I’m not a fan, guys. Saying that you’re a good business because you sell expensive cars to people who can’t afford them just doesn’t make sense to me. Telling people who don’t have any money that they “deserve” to drive a nice car is plain irresponsible and bad for society. I can’t believe that this crap flies and that businesses like that are successful. It goes to show how messed up things really are.

We Are Completely Out of Control

Our country as a whole is out of control when it comes to spending money. We think we deserve all that money can buy. We think we have the right to drive a nice car, even if we have negative money. We pull out credit cards to pay for Christmas gifts just because money is a little tight right now.

And the worst part? We don’t have any frickin’ options. Yes, that’s right. When you have no money, you have no options. It’s simple: Zero Money = Zero Options. Without money, you are stuck and you will do what your master tells you to. That master may be your parents, your children, your boss or your government, but they are your master none-the-less. Honestly, who in the hell wants a master?

So yes, you’re darn right, if you are like most Americans, you are off your ever-loving rocker (and out of your ever-loving mind). Spending all the money you make (and more) is just plain idiotic. And that seems to be exactly what most people do.

It’s not about clipping coupons so you can get a better deal on things and therefore be able to get a better deal on even more things. It’s about giving yourself options in your life. How does it feel having to stay at a job that crushes your soul more and more each day? How does it feel to come home from a dead end job with zero energy to spare? How does it feel to miss your children grow up? How does it feel to hand over all your financials to the government so you can jump on assistance? No thank you to all of that.

My Mission is to Help You Create Independence in Your Life

My mission is to help you create options. I’m in this both to create my own independence and to help you do the same. That’s what it’s always been about. It’s not about being a cheapskate. It’s not about clipping coupons. It’s about creating options for your life. If you want to stay home with your kids, you CAN make that happen, but probably not while also buying new cars, your dream house and international vacations. Like my friend Paula says, “You can’t afford everything, but you can afford anything.” If it’s independence you want, you CAN afford that. But can you afford the option to leave that soul crushing job while you live in that luxurious house and drive your 2014 SUV? Most likely not.

What’s more important to you? Driving a new car, living in your dream house and shopping without reserve all the while being completely stuck, missing your kids grow up and never seeing your family? Or are options, time with those you love, freedom and independence what matter to you? I don’t know about you, but I choose the second. That’s what it’s all about, my friends. I’m doing it all to create my independence and to help you do it too.

Introducing Create My Independence!

In case you didn’t notice (although I’m sure you did), I’ve renamed this website to Create My Independence. Going forward, I’ll continue to share my story with you in the same way I always have, but it’s time to get laser focused on what the real goal is here. It’s not about clipping coupons or being a cheapskate, it’s about creating freedom, options and independence in our lives so we don’t have to live shitty lives. That’s what it’s always been about around here and that’s not gonna’ change. Make sure to stick around so we can help each other make freedom, options and independence happen in all of our lives.