Today, I got nothing done… I slept in because I was tired. I talked with my mom on the phone for an hour until ten thirty. My friend, Adam came over after that and helped me take my car to the shop. Then, we had lunch at my place and sat down and talked business for a couple of hours.

You Can Accomplish Anything You Put Your Mind To

When he left at around three, I decided that this beautiful 75 degree summer day had to be enjoyed to the fullest, so I went for a bike ride, picked up my car and then spent the rest of the afternoon outside. Here it is at six thirty almost eight in the evening and I officially got nothing done today. Sipping a cold press at Caribou just down the street, I’m finally doing something for the day.

I don’t share this to try and preach some lesson on productivity. Obviously, I haven’t figured that part of my life out yet. But, I do share this as a testament to how far I’ve come. At 30 years old, I can be unproductive all day on a Wednesday and, at the end of the day, IT’S ABSOLUTELY NO BIG DEAL.

We, “Internally Motivated People”, Are on a Spectrum

I’m an internally driven person. You are too because, let’s face it, why else would you be here(?).

We’re all on some kind of spectrum ranging from “I’m sort of motivated to do something eventually, but am just watching from the sidelines for now” to “I’m giving it ALL I GOT, right now”.

On the left side are people who are putting off their lives because of fear. I did that for a long time. I still put many things off out of fear, but throughout the last few years, I’ve moved from left to right on this spectrum. I used to be at the “I’m setting things up” stage and now I’m at the “I’m doing things” stage.

The Power of Our Internal Drive is Surprisingly Unlimited

My biggest lesson from many years of action taking because of my internal drive is this:

“The Power of Our Internal Drive is ABSOLUTELY UNLIMITED.”

As a kid, I saw a vision of someday owning my own business, having an abundance of money, time and freedom. At 24 years old, that picture was disappearing, just like Marty Mcfly’s family picture from Back to the Future (below).


Instead of punching out Biff like Marty did, I punched out being broke and taking it in the rear end from “The Man”. I saw my career success as THE KEY to a financial foundation that would set me up to do great things.

The rest is history.

I saved all my raises (and I had a lot of them; four in one year alone, totaling $20,000). I kept my expenses low. I got out of debt. I saved up. And then more money came my way, which I saved.

What happened next was having an abundance of cash, which allowed me to do…whatever the heck I wanted.

Did I go out and buy a new Corvette? No.

Did I go buy a house? No.

Did I decide to focus on my priorities in life? Yes.

My priorities were my vision for the future. I wanted this freedom I dreamed of as a kid. I wanted to own my time, so that someday when I have a family, I could spend it with them.

I realized at that time that my full time job, that provided me my biggest source of income, was actually my lowest priority. After realizing that truth and knowing I didn’t need it anymore financially, I decided to stop committing all my best hours there and left.

Ever since last year (almost exactly one year ago today) when I left my job, I’ve been focusing ONLY on my highest priorities. One of the top ones is building a business. I’ve since made HUGE progress and am bringing in significant cash flow every single month now.

Even better, I have no boss telling me what to do. If I have a day where all I want to do is be outside, then I do it.

WOW, what a set of accomplishments from where I was at 24 years old.

You Have Unlimited Potential and Opportunity As Well

I pinch myself every morning these days, knowing that I don’t have to sell my soul to “The Man”. Instead, I get to decide what I do with my time.

The incredible progress I’ve made has been made because I had the internal drive.

The Big Lesson Here is: “YOU CAN DO ANYTHING”

You have the drive (remember, you’re here, right?). You have the smarts (again, you’re here).

That means, you have the potential.

Whatever it is that you want to create in your life, you CAN make it happen.

Just make sure that you start… and START SOON.