As a woman, it’s painfully obvious there are some fields that are predominantly male oriented. It can often be intimidating for women to enter these fields and find their place as an equal. The field of criminal justice is one that was very much male oriented for a long time, but as times change so does the landscape and makeup of this field.

For women looking to break into this field, the emerging area of feminist criminology may just spark their interest. This is known as a specialization in the criminology sector, which takes a look specifically at women and gender equality within the system. Here’s a closer look at feminist criminology and how you could go about starting a career in this field.

What is Feminist Criminology?

Feminist Criminologytakes a look at crimes that are related to women and girls and the gendered nature of these crimes. It emerged onto the scene in the 1970s, mainly because of the feminist movement, but has continued to gain traction and attention since then. A study that was conducted in the mid-1970s found that there had been an increase in the crime-rate amongst women. This caused quite a stir and really shifted the spotlight onto women in a whole new way.

Today, it looks at what drives the deviance in women in this predominantly male-centric area.

How to Get a Job in the Field

As soon as you hear about an “emerging field” it usually signals job growth and possibilities. This leads to the question of how you can break into the field. In order to break into this field, you’ll need to have an educational background in criminal justice. An online masters in criminal justice is a great way to go about it. The online CJ degree gives you the flexibility to do it on your own time from the comfort of your home.

The masters in criminal justice allows students to choose their concentration – corrections/offender rehabilitation, law enforcement/crime prevention, or analysis of criminal behavior. Each of these paths can have a feminist angle and it really depends on what you find the most interesting.

The field of criminology is all about the science behind the actual crime itself. Criminology looks at anthropology, sociology, and psychology. With criminal justice, the focus is on how the crime should be enforced and handled. The two areas work in conjunction with each other.

Speak to Someone in the Field

If you’re still not convinced that the field of feminist criminology is for you, it may be helpful to speak to someone currently working in the field. They can talk to you about what their job entails, what a typical day consists of, and what kind of skills are needed.

Making Your Mark in the Field

As a woman, there is nothing more exciting than making your mark in a field that is predominantly male oriented. The area of feminist criminology can certainly provide you with that opportunity.