Who hasn’t heard the ever popular, ever inspiring Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at The Stanford University, in 2005? He told three stories of his life- one about connecting dots, one about love and loss and the last about death. He talked about how he dropped out of college (our favorite one though), he talked about how calligraphy lessons lead him to design the first Macintosh computer, and he talked about how he fought pancreatic cancer. In the end he asked everyone to Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. What did he mean?

The very first thing he wanted you to realize was that studying textbooks cannot kill the logic in your heads. There have been many instances when you’ve killed your desire to do something, only because that doesn’t seem to fit appropriately in the society frame of rules. Why are we told to be calm and not question? Why are we always told what to do, how to do it- choices about small things, what to eat, how to read, where to go- where is the space to make our own decisions? You imagine, you create. Our creations first come from the tangled thoughts in our beautifully chaotic heads. Or maybe everything we imagine already exists somewhere, some place in this universe. Our brain functions in mysterious ways.

He wanted you to realize that sometimes you are stuck in miserable situations, and wonder if the universe is conspiring to bring you down. Either you sit and complain for the rest of your life. Or you accept your circumstances and work hard to change your conditions. We’ve seen one person drinking alcohol and the other person getting drunk instead. We don’t see one person exercising and his friend losing weight. The concept is simple. You do the deed. You experience the results. Live your life to the fullest, but take responsibility for your actions. Improve your lifestyle. Have healthy habits. Learn to respect time and be patient.  Only the right combination of thoughts, opinions and actions can bring you wisdom and satisfaction.

In the end he asked us to be brave. Brave enough to take risks, experiment, fail and get back again to try something new. It is always comfortable to play it safe, staying in your region. But the real game begins when you decide to step out of your zone of comfort. Life is much broader and much interesting than the traditional paths. Success comes to those who dare to take risks. People will call you foolish, but do all wise people touch the stars?