advertising alternatives

In 2016, according to reports an average firm was expected to spend about 30% of their budget on marketing. General Motors spent an impressive $4.2 billion on advertising last year, while rival Ford followed closely with $3.9 billion in ad spending. Now, THAT is whole-lot-of money! So, instead of feeling guilty about not being able to advertise your product, you can maybe spend your resources on something more productive. Unless you have a four-digit budget to spend, advertising should be off your list. So, let us look at other perspectives to attract customers and build an effective business without having to spend your hard earned money on unnecessary options; because until you have some serious money to spend, your advertising may remain ineffective.

How do you communicate with your customers? Well, you don’t really have to send push messages, because most people ignore it, most importantly because these days everyone is doing that. So, instead of dropping in a short message or two from time-to-time, spend some time on developing quality content to describe your product and services. In this tech-savvy world, most people hangout virtually, so you need to be where they already are.. The most effective way out is social media marketing- create a Facebook page, share links, articles, videos. You can announce any new products or offers through Facebook or even Twitter. Update them with the features of your latest launches. Educate and guide them to choose the right kind of product according to their priorities, needs and wants. Brand name is all that counts. Build a name, build a reputation.

Another effective solution is to start a blog. This may be time consuming because you may have to commit to writing at least very couple of weeks, if not days. A blog is a flexible platform to share information. Plus, you own it 100%, unlike social media platforms where the rules may change from one day to the next. You can also go for monthly email-newsletters. This is another efficient way of sending regular valuable information to your customers.

Apart from these options, there is another very strong marketing tool- word-to-mouth strategy. Referral cards are always an attractive option for the people, and a very trusted way of luring new customers. You can always ask your most loyal customers to spread the word or share your links through their social media profiles. Offer them a discount for each new customer they bring you and Give them exclusive coupons they can give to their friends.

You may feel proud when a customer leaves the door buying your product, but the real deal is when he comes again, and when he recommends other people to do business with you.