masters in adult education

A master’s degree in adult education is one of the more versatile degree options out there, as there areplentyof potential career paths. Working to help adults achieve their educational aspirations at whatever point they are in in their life is inspiring. Some adults who have learning difficulties are unable to tackle the same level of education as their peers while they are of school age. Sadly, many of these individuals will be put off education altogether, even though they can complete their studies later in life,so providing a safe and comfortable environment for people like these to learn is every bit as rewarding as helping to teach children.

Many adults also enroll in community college to study for the necessary qualifications for a new career path or to build on an existing one. There are many different things that a graduate with a master of education in adult and continuing education degree can do. Below, we take a look at just some of these career opportunities.

Adult Literacy and Remedial Education Teacher

The role of adult literacy and remedial education (ALRE) teacher is to help students achieve the academic and language skills required of them to continue their education. It is ALRE teachers that help adults to complete their high school education if they dropped out or didn’t manage to pass their exams the first time. ALRE teachers also teach English as a second language and Adult Basic Education.

Working as an ALRE gives teachers an opportunity to make a positive difference to their student’s lives and future prospects. Unfortunately, many adults who don’t achieve their high school education feel embarrassed about pursuing it later in life. For these students, having an encouraging and caring teacher can make a huge difference.

Community College Professor

Community colleges are a vital part of the educational landscape in the United States. Community college offers both young adults and more mature students the opportunity to study. Community colleges are a lot cheaper than attending a university and therefore are a key part of the battle to make education more widely available so that those who have been let down by the American education system, mainly ethnic minorities and those from low-income families, have an opportunity to attain their hopes and goals in life.

To become a community college professor, candidates must have a master’s degree and a reasonable amount of experience in the field they plan to teach.


Salaries for teachers can vary quite dramatically depending on the type of institution they decide to teach in and, in some cases, the subject that they teach. The average (median) salary for an ALRE teacher, for example, is $50,280. A community college professor meanwhile earns an average of $63,000 a year. This reflects the fact that a community college professor must be a professional with experience working in a particular field. An ALRE teacher, on the other hand,can apply for jobs on the basis of having an online MEAD degree.