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Depending on where you are, people may call your new bar a nightclub, gastro pub, tavern, a gin mill or any other synonym. No matter the title, its most important function is to bring people together for socializing, dancing and even, for the lucky, finding romance. However, your classic bar may be facing lots of competition from restaurants, raves, pop-up nightclubs and upscale hotel lounges.
This means you have to be creative in how you can keep your customers interested, engaged and attracted to your establishment today and the days to come. To do this, here are a few game changing marketing ideas that could see the numbers swelling up in your bar in no time.

Have Definite Goals

Promotions are a great way of getting people to notice your establishment, but they can also see your business fail. You need to have some reachable and measurable goals in place to make any promotions you are running worthwhile. Some of the commonest goals for running a promotion include creating buzz among your targeted customers – local sports fanatics, hipsters or the corporate types.

Other goals may be trying to convince people to spend money on certain products like branded spirits, beers or food. Maybe you are looking to celebrate a special milestone or occasion in your bar. Having a goal will help you come up with some of the best marketing ideas around, while remaining profitable.

The Foursquare Crowd

For a long time, Yelp has been the leading hospitality social media application, but its position is now challenged by Foursquare. The latter application is particularly great for bars since the typical demographic profile is a media-savvy, college-educated young clientele looking for a way to actively engage and invite friends to popular nightspots. Getting photos and reviews of your bar on Foursquare will provide a steady stream of customers for your establishment.


You can also engage your regular customers and bring in new ones using social media by spotlighting a celebrity bartender. The bartender could be a famous sports figure, news anchor or even an actor your options are limitless. Posting such highlights on your social media pages is a great way to get started on your marketing.

Use Sports To Market Your Bar

After receiving the go-ahead to run your business from a TABC expert , for example, use sports for marketing your bar by supporting local high school or college teams. Some ideas include naming beverages and drinks after athletes, hosting replays of famous matches and games during the slow days or running pay-per-view sporting events. Host live events where local sports celebrities get to hang out with customers and even offer clothing featuring team logos as prediction or sports trivia contests rewards.

Perfect Traditional, Simple, But Effective Promotions

Do not abandon classic promotions like BOGOF, live entertainment, hosting a singles’ or ladies’ night, hiring a DJ and holding a dance till you drop event. Such traditional, but simple promotions will never go out of style and keep your customers coming back, and certainly worth your while towards achieving your goals. Traditional bar marketing strategies have proven their worth – like broadcasting sports events and awarding drink tokens – but implementing digital marketing efforts will help your businesses in Georgia for example, reach the targeted clients more efficiently.

Whether you are looking to promote social games, culinary events or beverages, staying connected with your loyal customers and reaching out to new patrons is important. It’s all about getting recognition from bodies that register businesses, finding that unique identity, and running promotions that your loyal customers can identify with.