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A businessman, author, television personality, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Mark Cuban is the Co-founder of the successful startup and the current owner of NBA’s Dallas Mavericks which he purchased for $285 million from Ross Perot Jr in 2000. The Mavericks made their first play-off appearance after their fall in 2001 and went on to win the NBA title in 2011. Born in 1958, the internet entrepreneur made his breakthrough with his startups and MicroSolutions.
Mark Cuban is known for his words of wisdom proving him to be a role model for many. Here are some of our favorite inspiring quotes by the self made billionaire:
1. On Persistence
“Every no gets me closer to a yes.”
2. On Customer Service
“Treat your customers like they own you – because they do.”
3. On Work Ethic
“Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it all away from you.”
4. On Originality
“What I do know, at least what I think I have learned from my experiences in business, is that when there is a rush for everyone to do the same thing, it becomes more difficult to do. Not easier. Harder.”
5. On Obsession
“Don’t start a company unless it’s an obsession and something you love. If you have an exit strategy, it’s not an obsession.”
6. On Failure:
“I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter how many times you failed. You only have to be right once. I tried to sell powdered milk. I was an idiot lots of times, and I learned from them all.”
7. On treating Employees
“Keep a pulse on the stress levels and accomplishments of your people and reward them. My first company, MicroSolutions, when we had a record sales month, or someone did something special, I would walk around handing out $100 bills to salespeople.”
8. On learning from your mistakes
“It’s not about money or connections — it’s the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone … And if it fails, you learn from what happened and do a better job next time.”
9. On Preparation
“If you’re prepared and you know what it takes, it’s not a risk. You just have to figure out how to get there. There is always a way to get there.”
10. “I’m a believer that you accomplish much, much more with direct relationships than by using an intermediary. And that cash you keep in the bank can be the difference between staying alive as a small business, or not.”