From the moment we take birth into this world we are constantly told about the rights and the wrongs. Killing a human is wrong but killing a mosquito isn’t. An adult walking around naked is shallow and cheap, but an infant who is born naked is beautiful and tiny. Abortion is considered wrong but birth control pills are accepted.
Weren’t we born free? Then why do we have such a complicated system of rights and wrongs?

Morals exist only within cultures and individuals. Morals exist due to the religions we’ve created and the laws that each religion follows. Man has been over many years, forced to live a particular lifestyle. If he revolts or not follows the rules, he is punished. We have police inspectors, Supreme Court, lawyers, a constitution, and a government- all of them trying to protect us from the ‘wrongs’. What is the ‘right’ then? Everybody has their explanation, their version of the right and the wrong.

There is no such thing as right or wrong. These are just labels created by humans to tame and control other beings. Everything is based on our current knowledge of the universe, which is limited. The universe is infinite, but our knowledge is not. Humans have successfully divided each other into categories, set rules for each category, and then there are boundaries and territories.  What is right for one person maybe wrong for the other. So there isn’t a clear definition for either. These are simply aesthetic and superficial terms, the definitions changing from time to time.
Morals which govern my actions may be different than the rest of the world. But there are some principles majority of the population agrees upon, and these principles become the accepted ‘rights’ and the opposing ones become the accepted ‘wrongs’. It is not justified to name someone wrong simply because they refuse to follow the majority beliefs. But does it give them the right to decide for the others?

Do we have an absolute moral truth? Do we have a supernatural power deciding our fate? Is someone watching our actions?
These questions have not been answered properly. When we can’t answer these questions, how can we debate on what is right and what is not? When you are not even sure about God’s existence, how can you be sure that what you think is right, is actually right?

Like money doesn’t have actual value, these terms are just ambiguous words in literature, which have enslaved us for ages. And men are fools who have let ambivalent concepts guide their actions.