common web designing mistakes

Change is the only constant. This article wouldn’t even exist a few years ago. But things have turned around and incredibly too! With the coming of internet,  everything is now just a click and swipe away. One can hardly find a person who isn’t on the web. Same goes for companies. Question like, “do we even need a website”, is redundant in today’s time. There will be a website is the obvious assumption of viewers and customers. The question now has changed to “how should a great website be like?” The phrase “great website”, according to surveys defines a website that provides the information one is looking for and that too quickly. Sure other things matter too but if these two conditions are not satisfied then you have defined lost your viewer. People have increasingly less time and there is no limit on other choices available. So if you are not completing their demands, then they won’t hesitate to look for other alternatives. That is the idea one should keep in mind while designing the company’s website.

Coming on to the ‘about us’ page, or more technically called the homepage, its main purpose is to get the viewer to page 2. The homepage is the first page that a viewer sees, and if he or she is not interested enough then they won’t look further. So, the main aim of web developers should be, to keep the viewer engaged in the homepage. Put up all the relevant information there and in a simple fashion which is not too difficult to find and comprehend. The stress on user friendliness here.

There are loads of mistakes that even big industrial giants make while designing their website. In the obsession to make it look impressive, the simplicity and main aim is lost completely.

Don’t sway away from customer needs and stop your web developers from making these huge blunders!

  • Sliders – Avoid them!

You must have come across this feature of sliders in most of the websites that you have seen. For those of you who do not know about it, sliders are the rotating feature of the webpage with images and text written on it. The first problem with it is that they hardly ever change. Secondly, when they do, they always interrupt you midway while you are reading it. Nobody definitely likes themselves to disrupted midway like that. Because of this time limit, only small messages can be put up on it.

That is why most people just avoid it. So one whole portion of the webpage is going unnoticed by viewers. That is just sheer waste of space, limited as it is. Get away with the sliders and give your message simply which is easy to comprehend.

  • Don’t put up company news

No one cares about how many awards the company won. Tell the information which is relevant for them, the viewers. Except if it is a public company or a startup whose news may matter to the investors or industries, there is absolutely no need to show off your achievements. Keep the philosophy in mind that it is about them and not you.