Inexpensive wedding

It’s very important not to associate inexpensive with the word “cheap”; after all, this special day will resonate throughout your new life. Everyone deserves a beautiful wedding, since it represents the first day of the rest of your life. A wedding doesn’t have to break the bank to be memorable and we’re going to provide you with some tried and true tips to help ensure this.

Get Your Wedding Dress Online

By getting your bridal gown online, you save yourself time, money and effort – the added convenience of having a huge array of options from the comfort of your living room couch cannot be understated. You can choose dresses with a jaw-dropping number of parameters; such as color, style, silhouette, length, embellishment, fabric, back style, straps/sleeves and so on.

You’ll essentially find your dress with several clicks of the mouse, and have it sized accordingly before it gets delivered to your home.

The Honeymoon

The most important part of this is automatically taken care of: you two will be in each others’ company for an extended, worry-free period of time before life begins anew back home. Out of all the things you can avoid spending too much on, the honeymoon should be planned more with enjoyment in mind than with finances. Of course, keep an eye on the latter aspect!

Many vacation spots have special rates for newlyweds, so you should be able to find one at a modest cost – without sacrificing the experience.

Save On The Wedding Venue

Wedding venues are notorious for their prices. They are in a high-demand, which means vendors have no problem charging sky-high rates. One way to bring the asking prices way down is to book a venue in the off-season – assuming your wedding date can be flexible.

Floral arrangement

Another option is to go for a public park that has an auditorium-like setup with benches. With a bit of help from the groomsmen, family and friends, you can whip it into wedding venue-shape in half-a-day. The cost will be significantly lower.

The Floral Arrangement

Although you really cannot do without flowers and at least some pomp and circumstance, there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on something that will die within a few days. Super-expensive floral arrangements consisting of out-of-season peonies and gardenias aren’t necessary. Do some price shopping when looking for a florist, and repurpose the lovely arrangements you do buy.

Clear Your Debts Before You Spend

If you’re responsible enough to pay down your debt before getting an auto loan, mortgage or planning for a vacation, then you most certainly need to do the same before planning for a wedding. Chances are, even on a budget, you’ll rack up some debt – unless you go the City Hall or Las Vegas route, which works quite well for some people.

Not only will this leave more credit available for the coming expenditures, but you’ll pay less in interest if you raise your credit score before the splurge. If you need help or guidance on debt-related issues, then the is your go-to resource. You want to erase your debts of the past before you embark on a new journey with your beloved, if at all possible. Financial issues are often the biggest impediment to a successful marriage.