Home decor

The Home Décor business is over $79 billion industry and it is attracting innovators and investors from all over the world. Entrepreneurs have started taking over the décor game and things are getting hot. There is renewed interest in home investment and a growing confidence from the customer side.

From a customer trying to save some money to an amateur decorator looking for professional guidance, everyone is jumping into the home investment world. So what are the few tips a new home decorator could use? Read on to find out:

  • You could use a little technology and promote your ideas on social media- Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are a great platform to showcase your designs.
  • Put your plan in writing first. It is like a roadmap for your business that details your specific objective and how you’re planning to achieve them. Decide upon a style, a color scheme complementing the style, and the other decorating accessories that would fit in well.
  • Start with whatever piece of furniture you have, because not always do we have an absolutely fresh house to begin with. If you have a tight budget, you may not want to discard them. So instead, you can try camouflaging these things to downplay them in the house.
  • Sometimes you can keep everything else simple and focus on patterned rug or an exquisite wallpaper on the main wall. In fact, you could start with one thing and go on to use the same design for other accessories in the room.
  • You could mix patterns, as long as they have the same color palette- not same color, just similar shades and tones. Patterns made up of neutral colors and shades are great for adding interest to dull spaces.
  • Don’t add too many patterns to the same room. It could come out to be too confusing and overwhelming. Use solid color to maintain balance, so that all patterns are pulled in together.
  • While designing the bathrooms, strip out anything that feels out of the wall, most importantly in the case of small bathrooms. Incorporate built in toilet paper holders and soap cabinets. You can also paint the ceiling which draws up the attention from the small space. You may try some more things also: Behind the door hooks for towels and robes or over the door pouches for holding small supplies. Also, big titles look the best in small bathrooms!