Marketing strategy

With the New Year 2018 rushing in, if we had to look back upon the one thing that grabbed a lot of attention in the corporate world, then that has to be Digital Marketing. Digital marketing has been used in every field, from e-commerce to promotions to even electoral campaigns, to everything that requires addressing the masses. Everything these days is incomplete without the World Wide Web. How can you use Digital Marketing to promote your product or service? Go through the following tips to shape your strategies:

  • The most important factor to consider is the loading speed of a website. How fast can your server handle the HTTP request from the website determines the destiny of your business on the online platform. Even a mere one-second delay in the loading of page can cause an 11% drop in page views and about 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. Start by going to the Google page speed optimization tool.
  • It doesn’t matter if you website has a lot of traffic or is even ranked No.1 if all this is not converted into sales. Good conversion rates is the key to better business. For better conversion rates you need to go beyond just the basic parameters like Meta tags, heading tags or URL structure. You could remove password friction from checkout, have a feedback portal on your website, promote your products using video advertisements, have social reviews, landing pages with CTA, etc. You may also want to check your Google Analytics Account on a regular basis to track consumer behavior.
  • Over the years, Google has improved in its search behavior, wanting to provide its users a better experience by providing them with features like the featured snippets. So how do you rank in the featured snippets? The most important thing is to produce in-depth content by putting emphasis on the user queries, targeting long tail keywords, framing the content in the form of questions, and by formatting the content properly (use bullet points and numbering, H1, H2).
  • It is obvious that all the people who visit your website for first time don’t usually make any purchases. It takes 3-4 visits to actually make the purchase, before which they get to know your brand through other authentic sources. So, this is where brand recognition plays a very important role. This can be achieved through social media platforms, and by building brand profiles on sources like Crunch Base or Yelp. You may also want to keep a check on your brand mentions through Google Alerts.
  • When it comes to the paid advertising platform, there may be a few measures you should take. It is important to understand your target audience and their preferences before you make your choice. Whether to choose between Facebook Ads or Google AdWord Ads, it is first important to understand where your audience is more active.