Saving money seems to be problem with the fast moving, technology driven millennial world. While it is great to live in the present, saving money is habit each and all should adopt. It may be 10% monthly transfers from your salary to your savings account or money you save during a vacation, the extra dollars you save can be used in the time of crisis. Saving is the most important step towards financial freedom and self-dependency.

So, my friends who have seem to spend a lot or are reckless towards their savings, these following apps may help you brush off your bad habits and keep track of your money:

  • ChimeThe first app on the list is Chime, a banking app compatible on both Android and iOS. It includes a lot of features like a spendings account, a debit card and an automated saving account. The Chime Debit Card helps you see your transactions and spendings almost immediately, while the savings account transfers 10% of your salary every month, which is kept aside as savings so that you don’t have the urge to spend it. This app does not charge any international transaction fees, withdrawal fees, overdraft fees, or any monthly minimums.
  • Digit
    This is an even better app – does all the work itself. It checks your current income and spendings two to three times a week, and then analyses accordingly what amount should be put aside as savings. You can even earn Digit points based on your savings every three months.
    You can use this app for free for the first 100 days, after which you have to pay a monthly fee for further usage.
  • Mint
    You must have heard about this one, doing a few rounds in the market. Mint allows you to come up with a budget, and gives to timely reminders so that you pay your bills on time and don’t have to put up with any penalties. It also ensures you are saving enough for emergencies and retirement.
  • Honey
    Honey works as a browser extension, so therefore it gets you all the happening deals on online products from all over the internet. This is one app that will help you save money when you are shopping online.
  • Viggle
    Do you want to earn money just by watching television? Well, Viggle offers you to check into a show and gives to points for watching it. Not only television shows, there are all kind of things – video games, quizzes, etc.