There are hundreds and thousands of job applicants almost every single day, who send out their resumes. The HR manager spends roughly 5-6 seconds on each resume. So, how do you manage to get noticed, let alone impress the HR manager, in just seconds? Your resume is the key. Every resume certain key points or aspects that satisfy the basic criteria for selection for the next round. Let’s go through those aspects one by one:

1) Your resume should incorporate the work culture of the company.
How does your resume highlight the company’s values and culture?
If it is a startup that is looking for flexible, self-motivated candidates, make sure you mention how you are a self-made, independent professional. Give intriguing examples from your previous job experiences.
It is important to fit in the culture of the company, and that should be highlighted in your resume.

(2) Your resume should enlist qualities that may make you look unique from the other candidates.
So, instead of just fluffing up your resume and listing down skills that are expected of you, mention some specific skills that complement the job profile. Have you had any achievement that makes you stand out? Have you brought some creative concept to your previous employee that has helped the company earn profits?

(3) Your resume should highlight excellence and competence.
It is important that you portray to the hiring team that you will do a better job than the predecessor of the particular role. So, whatever you’ve done, you have done with all your heart and soul into the job – this is precisely what your resume has to speak of you. Your recruiter wants someone who is driven, enthusiastic and interested in his job. So, does your resume have the required tactics to improve how the job process work? Does your resume display your ability to cope on tough situation and demonstrate good learning capabilities?

(4) Your resume should embody your morality and ethics.
How responsible are you with the trusted job? Are you capable of handling a stressful situation without breaking down or taking a short cut? Have you had a decent reputation with your previous employees? Companies want employees who are trustworthy, people who stick to their words and meet deadlines – people who live and work with integrity.

A strong resume will help you make it to the interview. So, make sure your resume highlights
you excellence, ethics, uniqueness and culture.