Great entrepreneurs have a vision. They are resilient and humble. They are leaders who have envisioned their company’s ambitions and goal, and they focus on the company’s overall growth, rather than merely their own gain. What qualities does a leader have? And most importantly do you have what it takes to be a leader? Check out the following list:

  • The most important aspect of any leader is the thirst to be better, and never to accept mediocrity. They believe that if you haven’t found the best, you need to keep trying to improve. Good is never good enough, when you can be better.
  • A good leader will never be satisfied with their knowledge. They will thrive to be better and encourage their teammates to work harder to learn more. A good leader will never let go of a learning experience.
  • A good leader knows that merely theoretical knowledge will do no good, so he/she applies it to derive a better product for his consumers. The solution to a problem lies in the practicality of a concept.
  • A good leader will not focus on small, menial jobs, which can be done by others. He/she will focus on the rather important, big picture. They understand the goals of the company, and allot different assignments and projects to different people in such a way they all can together take forward the organization’s culture and values.
  • A good leader never lets defeat get to him/her. Taking risks is a part of the job, and no leader will allow his/her comfort zone to comprise the quality of work to be done. Every experience, may it be a loss or a profit is a chance to learn more.
  • A good leader will find new ways to expand the business, to innovate the product and to improve how the business is conducted.
  • A good leader is someone who practices intense concentration, and does not allow usual clusters to distract his mind. He/she focuses on results rather than the work itself.
  • A good leader takes immense interest in problems, and does not treat them as problems, but riddles that solvable. He/she believes that problems are temporary, for every problem there exists a solution that fits.
  • A good leader will always consider suggestions of his colleagues and peers. He doesn’t disapprove of their rejections of his ideas, and duly notes what else could be possibly done if not this.