It is high time we note that stressful work can take a toll on all our health – both physical and mental health that is. In fact health is more affected than personal finances and family relations. Especially for young entrepreneurs, who are just getting their companies on their feet, health is the last concern they have – all they care about is the numbers, graphs, margins, markets and deals. It has become a trend for people to work so much more than the required that their health is detraining.

Busy business life should not make your unhealthy. So, we bring to your some tips and tricks you should employ, starting right now, to lead a convenient, healthy lifestyle. Read these following points and trust me these suggestions are not going to waste any time from your schedules:

(1) You may take a few vitamin capsules prescribed by the doctor. But, the absorption rate of pills and capsules may not all be the same, and can vary widely – so not all your pills and tablets may deliver the passable results, and you may receive all the nutrients that you require. So, instead, you may want to try out trans dermal patches, which are known to absorb about 90 percent of the vitamins you intake. In fact, patches can be worn all times.

(2) Instead of struggling every day with deciding the kind of food you need to have, it is better to test your sensitivities and conditions like gluten intolerance and diabetes on a regular basis to stay clear. You know what would be an even better option? – There are devices that have in-built sensors that indicate if your food is healthy for you or not. So, test your food before you eat it – technology is everywhere, why not use it?

(3) It is important to walk and keep yourself moving. Sitting behind your desk for 9 to 10 hours straight can seriously mess up your back. You stairs instead of elevators, stand during phone calls and if possible keep a treadmill or cycle in your office. Not only will you and your employees burn some calories, all of you will remain pretty active throughout the day.

(4) We think we don’t have time to eat home cooked meals, and ordering in will save the time. But, how much ever it sounds pleasant, it is always advisable to have home cooked food – there are actual studies stating homemade food increases the level of happiness.