GCC stands for Gulf Cooperation Council. For those of you who don’t know, the GCC is a political and economic union of Arab states around the Gulf, which includes Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

The GCC region is known for its air and sea connections and developed infrastructure. This is what makes it a fertile place to both establish and expand business. It is one of the fastest growing economies in the world nowadays and the governments of the GCC countries have set out to diversify their economies.

They don’t only want to depend on hydrocarbon industries, so they have a hand in many other sectors such as logistics, aviation, finance, communications, healthcare, and tourism. This creates even more business opportunities than either of us can imagine.

The GCC was established in 1981 and they stand for foreign cooperation, investment, and modernization, and diplomatic and commercial relations with other countries.

The Forex Market

As mentioned above, the GCC dabbles in the sector of finance, and this, of course, includes Forex trading. The currency market is considered to be one of the largest financial markets in the world; it bags over $5 trillion in daily transactions around the world, according to Investopedia.

Ubanker in GCC Countries Review

Ubanker is a very popular broker in Saudi Arabia, one of the GCC countries. This company is actually very young compared to other brokering companies, but it has risen very high, very quickly among traders around the world.

That’s why today we’re taking an in-depth look at the characteristic that make Ubanker such a great choice for traders of all levels of expertise.

If you think about the Forex market, and the currency trading market in general, one of the first adjectives that will come up in your mind to describe it will be “intimidating”. It is indeed a very intimidating market because it’s one of the largest financial markets in the world, so this means that not only there’s a lot of money to be both gained and lost, but it’s also a very fast-moving environment.

Ubanker trading platform

Beginner traders who are just learning the ropes and starting out will feel this intimidation more acutely than more seasoned traders. That is why broker firms have made it their mission to simplify the experience and to provide platforms that give traders the opportunity to grow more confident and knowledgeable in time.

Ubanker us one of these broker firms and it provides a very user-friendly, uncomplicated platform, information on the Forex market, analysis, online courses, customer services, and more!

One of the things that Ubanker does for you is that they contact Forex traders on your behalf, which simplifies the whole process for you. Another great thing about Ubanker is that it has a very responsive platform that you can use both on the web and on your mobile.

Being responsive is one of the characteristics that make Ubanker such a reliable option. The Forex market is a jungle; it is volatile, fast, and demanding, so a platform that can adjust to such an environment is a must.

As you may be aware, platforms are the most important things for traders. Your trading is only as good as the tools you use, and the platform is the most important and useful tool. If you can’t understand it or use it comfortably, your trading activity will suffer.

Ubanker is simple and the best part is that you don’t need large amounts of capital to start trading. This is very good news for beginner traders. Not to mention that Ubanker offers free online courses on topics such as: Forex Fundamentals, Forex Trends, Personal Trainer, Fundamental Factors, Tools and Techniques, and Types of Charts.

What’s more, Ubanker takes both the safety and security of its clients very seriously. Not only is Ubanker registered and supported by leading banks, financial firms, and investment companies around the world, it also protects your money and your data. You will be protected by eTrust, Secure Website, MasterCard SecureCode, and verified by Visa.

Ubanker is founded on solid ground; this means you won’t have to worry about the possibility of the company going bankrupt and taking all your money down with it. They count on a very reliable and important network, which means you’re definitely not dealing with a scam.

This broker company also allows you to trade with a lot of different assets; not just currency, but also commodities, indices, and shares. Like I mentioned before, the platform will also be available on your mobile devices.

Now, this is very standard, but Ubanker stands out thanks to its reliability, speed, and security which are all key characteristics to offer you a great experience in the Forex market.

Ubanker’s motto is: “Take control of your finances. Learn to invest like bankers do”. This means that the company focuses on helping beginners and independent agents understand the complex systems that are in place.

As mentioned above, Ubanker offers its clients some of the best online courses on various financial topics. But the company doesn’t stop there; they also have an excellent customer support service for their clients.

As a Ubanker trader you will have access to customer service 24 hours a day, 6 days a week through various forms of communication such as the telephone, e-mail, live chat, and even social media.

What’s more, Ubanker keeps you updated on market news and trading tools that will give you an advantage over other traders. Information is key when it comes to trading because it allows you to make better choices. Ubanker makes sure that you can count on reliable information, news, analysis, and more.

The best part is that you can corroborate all this information by accessing the demo account available for you. This demo account will give you limited access to the platform so that you can get a hang of how it works before you move on to hiring any of the accounts available for you, which are Discover account, Silver account, Gold account, Platinum account, Premium account, and VIP account.