Who knew having thousands of social media followers could open up one of the most creative ways of making money in the world of fashion today.  If you’ve ever read a story about the bold new innovators who are now as important to fashion week in New York and Paris as being seen with Ana Wintour, you know a change has come. The bold new influencers are sought out by the top brands of the legendary fashion houses to get their lines in front of the young, hip, trendsetting buyers and those with disposable income first so they can swipe and tap those credit cards while the line is hot.  A recent profile on some of the top influencers in the business show how their word of mouth is making money for them, and for the fashions they rep.  Annual salaries of six and seven figures are common.  They are courted and wooed by the top sellers in the industry, and routinely fly from one city to another to showcase their pull.  With the drop of a hashtag, thousands of units and millions of dollars are racked up.

One is reminded of the hot new looks Steve Madden introduced back in the day in New York and how he set the city on fire with his outrageous looks, materials, colors and finishes.  It was like a return to the Mod Mod World of fashion from the colorful ‘60’s when his chock a block colors and prints hit the streets.  And the influencer is the same today as back in the day – the man himself, Steve Madden.

Steve put a lot of padding between you and the mean streets of New York.  His platform boots, shoes and mules added inches to your height and fun to your personality.  Who can be sad when you’re wearing red patent leather booties that zip up the back.  Or outrageous faux leopard skin boots!  Even today, his Lancers, the iconic sneakers in his line come in candy cotton colors just waiting to burst out like spring.  And you can find a pair of Steve Madden shoes to take you from the comfort of home, to the antics at work, the cooldown in the evening and on to the corporate functions just waiting for you and your plus one to crash.  Unlike a social media influencer who’s in it for themselves, Steve Madden offers discounts through Groupon so go ahead and use a steve madden coupon and get your kicks today.