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Running a business and being an entrepreneur may sound interesting and fascinating, but the real hardship that one faces to be one is what makes him really successful. Entrepreneurs learn from others experiences and by the mistakes they make. They are good listeners and keen observers. A true entrepreneur does not always do the right thing; in fact he makes mistakes as quick as possible so that he may learn from them. Entrepreneurs have to deal with stress, anxiety more often than a common man. Although talent and ideas help build a great business, it is the self control and self awareness of a person that helps him sustain his business. It is thus important, not just for entrepreneurs but for others also who are aspiring to be entrepreneur, to know and realize the dark side of entrepreneurship. This would help them in making a well informed and well thought decision for their career. So here are some of the most common hardships that every entrepreneur faces.

Self control is one of the most important things that every entrepreneur needs to have. They are motivated to build or make innovative things for people, but simultaneously develop this trait of being a control freak. This affects them as their own personal behavior changes and their ability to interact or deal with other people is also affected badly. They always have this doubtful feeling for people at authority and are not able to bear submission. Entrepreneurs desire to create their own space and environment and don’t want to remain in mercy of others. Their highly intolerant behavior created due to a feeling of being incompetent creates a lot of problems.

Another problem that an entrepreneur faces is his ego. It is extremely hard for a person to keep his ego aside and work selflessly. It is a harsh reality that an entrepreneur faces and possesses as a character trait. This ego problem can be disastrous for the business and can lead to difficult situations. An entrepreneur should know to keep self interest aside and work for achieving organizational goals. Being humble and showing humility towards others is very important.

An entrepreneur who is a freak and has no control on himself can easily be manipulated by investors, client or other people and can be taken advantage of. But this characteristic has its own advantages too. It can help them to be more alert of cunning people around them. Also, being an entrepreneur can take you to situations where things are totally against you. You may run out of cash totally, while running a business. It is totally up to you how you tackle that situation without losing your temper and control. One needs to keep oneself motivated and positive throughout such situation and be hopeful for situations to change. Though changing the adverse situations requires a whole lot of efforts and hard work.