Every business wants to be unique from others. The USPs of a business are something that most of them believe help them stay strong in the market. However, it’s not always about being different as for most of the time what customer wants is whether you are catering to their needs or not. Being highly fixated on how you are different from others and how you can make products differently can be disastrous for your business, as you will be wasting a lot of time, money and resources in it, all may be going in vain. Sometimes all you need to focus on is whether what you are offering aligns with the customers demand and interests or not. Because you may miss out on small important customer’s interest areas while being highly fixated on this being different conundrum. One needs to understand that in a business nothing is above the customer’s interest. If that is not fulfilled, you cannot do anything with your product except to feel sorry about it.

Everybody wants to look different and in this process entrepreneurs brand themselves using various labels and catch phrases to sound good but actually keep the consumer confused about what the business is actually offering to them. Their product portfolio remains ambiguous and does not address the basic customer needs.

Most of the famous brands have captured market by gaining customers trust and satisfaction through their customer centric approach. People tend to trust and spend money on brands that they relate to easily and of whom they can understand easily the message that the business gives. By making things more complicated to make yourself look different, be it in marketing your product or branding yourself on social media, can make things difficult for you. As people these days have shorter attention span and they don’t spend too much time if they don’t get what you are offering them. This resists them from spending money in your brand and trusting you. So instead of making things complicated just to look different, one should always try to keep things simple and try to reach the core of customer’s necessities. This requires a thorough understanding of customer behavior, their consumption pattern and their taste. Developing your business, product, services and marketing plan accordingly will help you to make your business stand out rather than being fixed on keeping yourself different from others are offering in your domain.