To do List

Knowing how to execute a task is important, but knowing when to execute is what improves productivity. The digital age has led to serious development of technology, but with so many distractions around, it has become extremely difficult to sit through an hour without fidgeting. To stay focused and energetic throughout our jobs has become difficult.
To-do list is something every millennial makes, but lists and coffees won’t make a difference, unless you adopt some really strong measures to structure your day and maximize your productivity. This week, we bring to you a list of productivity tips that will help you through your day. Read along:

(1) There is a proper scientific concept, known as Pareto’s Principle, which states that you can achieve as much as 80 percent of your results, just by concentrating your efforts to merely 20 percent. If you pick up the most important activities from your list and focus most of your energy on those tasks, you will have better results. There is no benefit in tying to take on everything at once. Working hard is the rule of the past, it is more important to work smarter.

(2) Another concept that comes into play here is the Eisenhower Decision Matrix, which is another powerful tool to do your job productively. You make a box and divide the box into four quadrants. You name them as – important and urgent, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, and neither important nor urgent. You make a priority list, focus your energy on the fir two quadrants.

(3) Instead of waiting for all your tasks to mess up, you should make your list a night before, before going to bed plan your day ahead. The most famous condition that millennials face is insomnia or sleeplessness, and that is mainly because our brain hasn’t done any thinking. When you go to sleep, with a certain problem in mind, there is such high probability that the problem remains in your subconscious and you may wake up with a solution or at least a lead.

(4) When you have work to do, you have to say no to favors, and it doesn’t matter how nice you need to be on the outside. Keep a different slot for opening your emails, reading them, and responding to them. What appears like a small job can take up an entire afternoon. Unsubscribe from any unwanted newsletters.