Interim Recruitment is when hiring takes place on a non-permanent, temporary basis. Interim recruitment can be a great remedy for companies when they are facing recruitment issues, usually when there is some sort of time factor that does not allow the necessary recruitment process to be seen through. Thus, interim recruitment allows a company to hire on a temporary basis, which in turn, allows enough time for an adequate recruitment process to fill a position permanently can take place.

The recruiters of interim recruitment are not necessarily any less qualified or experienced than an eventual permanent replacement. All it means is that they are willing to step in and help your company as and when you need it, on a much faster basis than most.

It’s good to know when a company can utilize interim recruitment, as not all situations may need the help of interim recruitment. To help with this, here are some common examples of when interim recruitment can be beneficial to a company.

Firstly, your recruitment strategy may be a little stagnated due to no major changes being made in your company. If changes need to be made quickly then interim recruitment can give you the breathing room needed for your strategy to be updated and then implemented, instead of rushing the recruitment process with the use of an outdated strategy.

There may be a need for interim recruitment if you need to quickly replace the current permanent recruiter of your company. Or, if your company is ever relocating then interim recruitment can help hire in a specific location where you are not yet currently based before the relocation takes place.

If time is really of the essence in these regards, then your first step should be trying to hire an interim recruiter with experience. However if this isn’t an option, then you may wish to turn to a temporary staffing agency instead. You can also do a quick overhaul of your recruitment strategy, this may suffice for the time being but usually should be returned to once “the crisis” has been averted, and time should be sent reorganising the strategy into a more permanent form.

Interim recruitment may not be the answer for every company, but it can seriously help those companies that find themselves in need of fast solutions if facing recruitment troubles.