Ever since WhatsApp was launched in 2009, it has surpassed the traditional texting, especially in large countries like India, Brazil, Indonesia, etc. Text messages may still be prevalent, but what WhatsApp has done to the users is something very different, the behavioral pattern of the users has changed in a permanent sort of way. With the latest update, WhatsApp has also introduced WhatsApp calling and video calling features that are quickly replacing the traditional calling systems. But, why is WhatsApp so popular?
The answer lies in its convenience. People use WhatsApp not because it offers free texting and video calling, but because it is easy to use. So, how can new startups and small business use this advantage of convenience of WhatsApp at their advantage to benefit their businesses? Presenting to you,, some more reasons why WhatsApp can be a great business tool for startups. Read along:

(1) Most of the young startups and small and medium businesses do not have their presence on Twitter or Instagram, because it is difficult to put out fire if the customers are upset with them. On the other hand, WhatsApp offers a more private marketing sphere for businesses to reach out to their customers and solve their concerns.

(2) Big businesses, and even medium businesses can easily be a part of larger e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Zomato or Swiggy, but the smaller businesses and even startups don’t get such opportunities in the early stages. WhatsApp can make it easy for these businesses to take orders and with the latest features, even the payment options are also simpler and more direct.

(3) We all know that email marketing is a great marketing tool, as compared to a 35-45 percent chance of an email user opening your mail, there is a whopping 75 percent chance of a WhatsApp user opening your message, not to forget, with more than about a billion active users.

(4) While WhatsApp can be a great platform to market and promote your brand and products, it is important to design your marketing campaigning in such a manner that you can get your message sent across the user without spamming them. You cannot lose credibility.

(5) There are news that in the future updates of WhatsApp, there may be AI (artificial intelligence) chatbots, CRM tools, and several other automated marketing tools to personalize the WhatsApp marketing experience for both the brand and the customer.