Logo color

If you close your eyes and try to imagine McDonald’s logo, you would see the red arches and a yellow background – yellow and red are the colors that you would associate with the famous burger chain. There is no way any shades close to blue or grey seem to fit the picture. This example shows that the color scheme of the logo is a very powerful aspect in terms of establishing the identity of the brand. Same is with the reddish maroon shade of Coca Cola and the rainbow shades of Google.

Color can become a crucial element of any brand. The color can be an intense red or a joyful yellow or a mysterious black. Every color announces a certain something to the customers. In order to create a perfect logo for your brand, you have to choose the colors right. Let us look at some of the colors that can be used, and what message they tend to convey to the audiences.

(1) When you choose red, the message you are sending across is that of the intensity of blood and fire, and you come across as fierce and passionate. There is a certain aggressiveness that is portrayed. For example, Red Bull has a red logo – it wants to promote its energy drink and bring out the activeness in people.

(2) Blue is associated with depth, stability, calmness and trust. When you choose blue, you are trying to promote a sense of comfort for the customer. For example, Ford and Samsung, both have blue logos, and they both promote products that induce comfort and calm.

(3) The next color on the list is yellow – the pleasant, joyful color of freshness. Ferrari uses this color to promote energy and aliveness.

(4) The green color of Android and Starbucks tell a different tale – that of peace and hope. Coffee and phones make you feel relaxed, and these popular brands just show that.

(5) Purple on the other hand is a color of luxury and royalty. It shows power, glamour, and romance.

(6) The orange color of Fanta reveals sunshine and gives a tint of the tropic. Just like the drink is supposed to pump you up and stimulate your enthusiasm.

(7) Black is another common color that brands use in logos – BlackBerry has a black logo, symbolizes formality, boldness and luxury.

(8) The last color on the list has to be pink. The feminine color is the color of the sweet, lovely iconic Barbie logo.