Hey MBA aspirants! Let me make your weekend productive by giving you some homework.

Funny how you must have been hating weekend homework in school and now you are looking for good study material for the weekends.

Well, I am bringing to you an article that will help you with the last minute doubts regarding your exam. There are some important topics that are generally covered in the initial stages of the preparation – Number System, and which also is a very crucial topic as you will be seeing it’s concepts being helpful in other topics as well. So I am presuming that you are done with the basics of number system concepts by now. Even if you’ve not, don’t worry, I am giving you the basics also.

You’ll find some conceptual knowledge on the page. And you may even share this article with your peers.
Let’s start the week with the General Knowledge portion that is usually asked in most entrance exams these days. You basically need to put some extra effort for its GK part, the remaining can be covered very well by the usual syllabus preparation. If you want the GK related stuff, there is plenty on the internet. Go through it, it has everything from strategies for GK prep and question banks of GK and much more.

It is important to review the format of the paper. Familiarize yourself with the level of questions that appear in the examination, so that you are not left surprised in the examination hall. You are required to get used the rhythm, pace and visuals of the test in order to crack the question. You should have a rough idea as to how many questions you’ll be able to solve, and how many you target to solve. You should be thorough with the instructions, the number of questions in each section and their markings.

What most people tend to forget is that they don’t revise the math and grammar rules. In order to solve questions of a higher level, you need to have your basics at place. Topics like algebra, probability, the number system (as mentioned above) or parts of speech and error finding rules are important.

If you have time, go over some of the important practice questions and those questions where you had troubles. What is more important than giving a test? – Doing a thorough review of your mistakes.