Logos represent a brand or company and are unique in nature. This implies that no two organizations can have the same logo. Thus, this is a means of identification and hold a great sense of prestige. Logos are printed on every product that is owned by a company. In fact, they are designed in such a manner that they assist customers to know what type of products are being owned and sold by an owner. Some logos with hidden meanings are:

• FedEx: This is definitely the first name that comes to mind when we talk of companies that have logos with hidden meanings. The space between “E” and “X” forms an arrow which stands for speed, efficiency and progress at work. This has won around 40 awards and has been recognized time and again as one of the best logos ever designed in the world.

• Baskin Robins: Taking a closer look at the blue and pink logo, you’ll see the formation of a 31 in pink. Well, this stands for the 31 flavours that the brand is famous for and how ice-creams lovers can enjoy dessert at each of the day of a month, which is, 31 in number.

• Hershey’s Kisses: you must have often heard, “Forget lover. I’d rather fall in chocolate.” Well, every chocolate lover adores Hershey’s kisses. But, have you ever noticed the hidden meaning in their logo. If you have a closer look at the “K” and “I” in in their logo, you’ll see there is a Hershey’s Kiss hidden in there. Did you know that Hershey’s also has its own themed park? Yeah, it is just as exciting as it sounds!

• Toblerone: Seems like too many chocolate companies have their logos with hidden meanings? We totally feel you! The company was started in Bern in Switzerland which is commonly associated with bears. Now, get back to the box of Toblerone and you’ll be able to see a bear standing upright on the snow-capped mountain that is an important part of their logo.

• Pinterest: We’ve all seen such beautiful images on Pinterest of different items that they often look right out of some fairy tale book. Did you know that the digital pin board site was co-created by Micheal Deal who pointed out that the “P” in the Pinterest logo strongly resembles the shape of a map pin.

• Formula One/F1: Everyone knows Formula One for its races and those who admire speed, totally adore watching it on television, even if it means staying up all night. The red color in their logo stands for passion and energy while the black color is used for power and determination. The space between F and 1 forms a white 1. This is nothing less than a mind=blown moment!

• Toyota: Calling out to all car lovers, can you guess this one? The overlapping ovals reportedly represent the union of the hearts of the customers and the hearts of the Toyota products. On a closer look at the overlapping ovals, you will also be able to see “Toyota” spelled out for you.

Interesting, isn’t it?