Facebook marketing strategy

Facebook marketing is gaining more and more popularity as the social media platform becomes one of the most used among its peers. Facebook adds to its attraction with advanced marketing tools and strategies. For a man who knows his tools, Facebook is all it takes to get their business up and running in a short while. There are a lots of strategies that one can devise from the available marketing tools.

Target audience

In Facebook , you can customise the ads of your business to reach only specific targets of customers who might be interested in your products. This is a highlight tool of Facebook’s high will ensure that each penny your spent on ads get you results. It is more deep that you think when you realise you can target audience based on their location, age groups, Language etc. You can also create a custom audience based on your existing friend list.

Facebook will provide you an estimate of the number of audience you will be able to reach in a day. So boosting posts and advertisements can be done as per the count and no more that the necessary amount will be wasted per day.

Create Events

Whenever you are organizing an event, notify your audience about it in the social media. Plan the event marketing ahead and constantly promote the event in your page from as early as a month beforehand. Post attractive and fun pictures or videos about the event on your wall to get more publicity for the event as well as the brand.

Go Live

Live video is an added benefit of the social media platform. It can give an air of authenticity and guarantee to the social media presence of a brand. Live events can also hold the interest of audience. If you are having over a guest or a celebrity for an occasion or some customers are reviewing your products, go live on Facebook. Covering the event live will increase the number of your potential customers. Facebook will notify everyone who had liked your page when you are going live. This will tempt anyone online at the time or who comes online later to see what you have posted.

Share authentic customer reviews

Your products could gain more popularity among your audience if you could support your claims with positive customer reviews. Ask your existing customers to share their experiences and post these on your wall. Also, tag your customers if possible. This technique works the same way a recommendation letter works. It will get your audience to notice your products as a better option than those available in markets. With your content only reaching targeted audience, reviews can greatly improve sales.

Be specific about your local activities

If you can give specific and verifiable details of your activities, it can help the growth of your business. Stay local and post content that will engage your audience. If you post specifics about the work you have done in, say the city of Delhi, the audience from Delhi are sure to read. Tag people and locations in every single post. This will make the page look more alive and trustworthy.