app for marketing

If you’re even slightly active on any social media platform, you’ll know the app that I am referring to. In case you’re not unknown to it, continue reading to know what exactly is it. is an application which was launched quite recently. It an app where users of any age can make an account for free and lip-sync to lyrical songs, show their phenomenal dance steps of international as well as national music and also lip-sync to dialogues from famous movies and shows. Reminds you of Dubsmash? Well, yeah! It’s similar but has way more features from Dubsmash.

If you ask me if is the new go-to app for marketing, I’ll say yes. This is because social media has rapidly gained popularity over the years. Everyone is on these apps with their free account at hand. While Facebook is also preferred for advertisements, is the new feather in the hat because it is more visual. The viewers are instantly able to connect and see your videos. This is what makes it highly desirable.

Besides, it is interactive. This means that there are challenges for the users. Recently, Spykar jeans went viral with their YnR challenge. It was a man dressed in blue denim who was dancing and users had to make their personal videos to match his steps and then post duets with him. This got the young generation hooked onto it. Now you know what I’m talking about?

In fact, a top brand like Reliance trends also propagated their brand through Musically. They did not take out a challenge. Instead, they got top fashion influencers to advertise on by lip-syncing to their TV ad. This is the charm of the app. Several techniques can be easily used.

Another example of viral publicity would be Chris Gayle. As soon as he joined the app, he posted a video on Bigg Boss fame’s Sapna Choudhary’s hit Haryanvi song ‘Teri Aakhya Ka Yo Kajal’ which also got the young generation to try and match steps with him. That’s the advantage of this app.

More over, you may get top influencers as well. To name a few, Sanket Mehta, Awez Darbar, Rajvee Gandhi, Arjun Gosar, Aashika Bhatia, Avneet Kaur and many more have a huge base. Collaborations with them is the key to get to the youth!

Collaboration means that you hire influencers to promote your company on a barter basis or you pay them for the publicity. They then post with regard to you and ensure that their fan base and following get you the necessary attention and profits that you desire. This trend is on the rise and opted for by many top companies in the market.

In fact. did you know the each company is recommended to keep a personal KOL which is, a key opinion leader. They serve several purposes and are not an expenditure but an investment.

Thus, is indeed the new go-to app for marketing!