Acing a job interview

Job interviews are the biggest hurdle in your way, when you are looking for jobs. For most people, job interviews mean nervousness, anxiety and trouble. They will test your knowledge, they will test your personality and what not. Due to tension, lack of self-confidence you may not perform well. Well, here are 5 super tips to help you give your best in the next interview and bag the job.

1. Do some research before you go

Preparing before the big day is always a great stress-reliever. Read the job description and the personality details provided by the firm  thoroughly. Once you are ready to face the questions, you will not feel the lack of confidence. Read up on the company to which you have been called for interview. Cover the aims and goals of the firm and their methods of functioning so you can incorporate the points in your own aims. This is a sure way to impress the interview panel. A little knowledge about the competitors of the firm as well as the scope of the whole industry will definitely be of help as well.

2. Dress smartly

It is rightly said that first impression is the best impression. This might sound a cliché advise but it does work every single time.  If you are dressed shabbily or carelessly, it will give out the impression that you are not so serious about the job. On the other hand, a crisp shirt, well-polished shoes and a smile will emanate a positive attitude. This will make you appear confident, energetic and focused. The panel will immediately recognise you for a career oriented individual.

3. Be aware of all the details that you have furnished in your resume.

It happens that to impress the panel, you often copy miscellaneous points from the web into your resume. By the time they have processed the application and call you for the interview, you will have completely forgotten what all skills you mentioned or what minute college experiences you entered. The interview panel will most probably ask you to elaborate on these experiences. So read through the resume and ensure that you can elaborate on every single point you have written in it.

4. Prepare some relevant question about the job

Most panels give you an opportunity to clear any doubts you have in mind about the job. It may arise towards the end of the interview. If you have questions to ask, it shows that you have researched about the job. Doing proper homework will be viewed as a sign of dedication and eagerness. This will improve your chances of getting the job.

5. Why do you want the job?

This is one question that every single interviewer asks, no matter where you are called for interview. Preparing your answer properly for the above question may get you through the interview with flying colours. In your answer, prove that you are passionate about the job and that you really want it. This is one sure way to impress the panel.