What really does the word ‘content’ mean? Its dictionary meaning suggests that it is a ‘material’ that includes text which constitutes a publication or a document. So, if something is related to a material or a text, then obviously it ought to be something meaningful and significant. Creating relevant and readable content is not child’s play. It should be something which should be simple and at the same time strong enough to deliver its ‘tenor’ in true sense. You can find innumerable and infinite content in the market, but it is a tough job to find informative and readable content which can employ reader’s interest and attention at the same time.

In modern contemporary world, people are getting smarter day by day. They actually know what they really need and so do the readers. Their wittiness tracks instantly what will be useful and relevant to them and what will not. So in order to make sure that what you write gets the proper eye-catching attention, you need to decode the ‘successful mantra’ for it. Here is the helping guide to unravel the mystery.

• Analysis of subject matter- The first and foremost step for engaging the reader into your written stuff is to understand what the ‘subject matter’ means. You need to study the matter in depth. The reason being that if you (the writer) don’t have a clear and precise idea in your head for the subject you are writing for, it will be impossible to pass on the concept on a secondary level to readers.

• Secondly, you should write “Reader-friendly Content”. One should believe that your reader is God. The main limelight should be on readers. No one is interested in your personal experience. The content should be relatable to the readers as it should be according to their NEEDS, INTEREST and BENEFIT.

‘CONTENT IS KING’ – your content will only be considered a ‘king’ when it is unique and different from other’s write-ups. There are numerous blogs, articles, classifieds written on infinite websites, so in order to make sure that you get maximum eyeballs for your writing, you need to write in an ‘exclusive’ and ‘rare’ way to make it distinctive from general write-ups.

• KISS (KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE) – This principle states that the content should be written in a simpler form, so that maximum people could have access to it and understand it. Complex writing will lead to unauthentic form which will result in giving your content a fake touch. However, your way of writing should be elementary and uncomplicated.

• Space for participation – your writing should be of that kind which could automatically generate the encouragement to participate. Invite your readers for feedback and questions. It should be done after concluding your writing, so as to give a positive feeling at the end.

Moreover, engaging content offers you something ‘out of the box’ and delivers a new perspective, a different thought, abundance of knowledge and inspiring plus entertainment factor all under one roof. The factor for creating the engaging content must stimulate the reader emotionally and intellectually by entertaining the interests of your audience.