The Global community is constantly evolving and so are their stances and inclinations. With the inestimable growth in Social Media Marketing practices today, the traditional concepts of ownership and management have taken a back seat. The new mantra of social media marketing can be outlined as “Reach your audience but most importantly, involve them”.

To achieve the aforesaid objective, “Crowdsourcing” is the most important step in the social media marketing strategy. Forming a portmanteau between the words “Crowd” and “outsourcing”, Crowdsourcing refers to the process of enabling the reception of ideas, thoughts and other creative and functional contributions from a broad base of people (largely the online community), rather than the traditional source of a company’s employer and employees only. Crowdsourcing not only make a business flexible, transparent and interactive, but it also augment the corporate identity and brand positioning of a Community on a wider scale. Here follows 8 reasons that will establish why you need crowdsourcing to perk up social media marketing:

1) Steady inflow of creative and innovative ideas: To quote Mr. Keating from the film Dead Poets Society, “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”, it can rightfully be argued that Crowdsourcing is your one-stop if you are looking for new and creative ideas for social media marketing and promotion. The provision of huge influx of online contributors enables ideas to come from different sources and the company can have wide options to ponder over.

2) To ensure greater transparency: A closeted business where work relationship and assignments are only constricted between the employer and employees has numerous limitations. Whereas in crowdsourcing, the online community throughout the globe can get involved and contribute in the company’s operation, thus enhancing transparency and consistency. Since audience involvement works at the highest level in crowdsourcing, a social media marketing organization acts more transparent and accountable.

3) Feedback mechanism guarantees an effective two-way communication: Social Media is all about response and its reception. It is a user’s tool. Without feedback and interaction, social media marketing will tend to become despotic and self-seeking. Crowdsourcing ensures that contribution, followers, content shares and feedback results in a two-way communication where the online community gets to voice their ideas and skills as much as the marketing company.

4) Brand Image is extended to a wider online community: Social Media Marketing is not just about selling a product; it is largely about imprinting the organization/company’s identity and image on the target audience’s mind for an indefinite time. Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding allows more online users to get themselves familiar with the company’s name and interact and work directly with the management.

5) Checks discrepancy on the part of the marketing company: Crowdsourcing, a cluster of unidentified mass can directly involve themselves in the social media content and also render their contributions. This reduces the chance of discrepancy and incompetence on the part of the media marketing organization. All the creative aspects of the marketing content and implementation remain effective due to the involvement of crowdsourcing.

6) Community involvement certifies greater audience satisfaction: More is the participation of the online community in the marketing mechanism, more is the satisfaction generated. Crowdsourcing is not only a source of broadening the target market and its audience, but it also ensures commitment of the audience covered. It helps the participating population feel belonged and satisfied.

7) Flexibility helps in combating emergencies: In a traditional management model, where the division of labor and administration is limited with the employee and its employees at different functional level, meeting emergencies become a challenging situation. Deadlocks and crises get intricate and prolonged. However, in case of crowdsourcing, the audience shares their feedbacks and also works as occasional freelance contributors for the social media marketing organization and help combat emergencies in a more effectual manner. Since the audience is not directly involved in the official management division, they can continue with their work even when the company goes through a crisis situation. Crowdsourcing makes the identification of and management of crisis easier and controllable.

8) Increase competitiveness: Another most significant reason why crowdsourcing is an indispensable aspect of social media marketing is its ability to attest competitiveness and lucidity in the marketing organization. Without the community participation, the media market will tend to act monopolistic and more business-centric, but with the incorporation of crowdsourcing, several social media marketing organizations try to outline their own niche of audience and contributors base and a healthy and proficient market competition is ensured.