Digital technology

Digital technology has many benefits and you can take advantage of it if you want to grow your business. Adopting digital technology requires an investment of money or time on your part, which can be daunting. However, once you take the first steps, you will find technology very helpful. If you are thinking of using technology to save money and grow your business, here are some easy ways to do that:

Use Review Websites

You can save on marketing money by getting your current customers to market for you. You should incorporate review websites such as Reevoo into your website to automate the process of review collection. Depending on your needs and the size of your business, using a review site has different cost tiers, which range from free to expensive large enterprise plans.

When you use a review site, you will save money on marketing and improve customer satisfaction. You will end up generating money for your business without spending much.

Consider Remote Working and Hot-desking

Instead of paying rent for your startup premises, you should consider hot-desking or remote working. You can use collaborative project management tools and superfast internet connections to start your business outside the normal office setting. If you do not want to do this, you can pay for hot desks or individual spaces for your staff in a co-working environment.

This will allow you to save on the initial costs associated with securing your own workspace. You could start by sharing space with another business in a collaborative setting that you can increase or decrease as your needs for staffing change.

Use VoIP Services

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) will help you to minimize the cost associated with face-to-face meetings and phone calls. You just need to have a fast internet connection and an online service such as Google Voice. This technology will cut down the phone bill and help you to eliminate costly travel expenses by holding meetings online.

Use Social Media and Email Marketing

Email marketing

Instead of spending money on expensive marketing campaigns, you can use the free platforms and tools that are available on the web. Whether you distribute monthly newsletters or weekly snapshots, you can use platforms such as Constant Contact to make the process of creating an on-brand email to send to your database simpler.

You can use other platforms to automate your activities on social media and keep your brand up-to-date without taking your attention from other important things all through the day.

Take Advantage of Basic Package Software and Free Trials

If you are thinking about adopting a new technology for your business, but you are not ready for the commitment, you need to give free trials a chance. Try out the free version of any software that you are interested in and test its features before making up your mind. Testing your options before investing could end up saving you a lot of money and prevent you from purchasing a product that does not suit your needs.

Use the Cloud

Thanks to high-speed networks and virtualization technologies, you will find different types of IT services through the cloud. You can either create your entire IT infrastructure on the cloud or start by putting a single app on the cloud. Depending on the cloud service that you choose, you can reduce capital expenses, costs of maintenance, and licensing fees. Ask your IT guy to help you choose the best cloud services.

Going digital has many benefits for your business as it will help you to save money and reduce paperwork. When you go green by reducing paperwork, you might attract more customers.