We totally understand that leaving one job and moving to another can be very challenging. This is because nothing is certain and the whole world lies before you it can be extremely confusing to decide what should be done. One of the major problems faced by people in this condition is to decide whether they are indeed ready for this change and whether they actually need it. Without wasting much time, you must read ahead to know about considerations that you need to think about. The moment you can answer these simple questions, you will know exactly what you need to do.

  1. Have you learnt everything? See, when you work at a firm, you will realize that it is nothing like your books that you read at university. This because the theory and practical are different. Every company has a different way of function and this is why you are first taught about your post and roles as the post holder. You actually get to learn a lot and are developing constantly. This is why when you feel that one company has nothing more to teach you or that you have been able to master everything here, you must move to another company. This is where you can use your previous knowledge to get a better pay package and also keep learning more. All said and done, do not think of being a rolling stone because it gathers no moss and that is true.
  2. The pay: The salary you receive is the reason that you are working. The company’s welfare is definitely on your list as your quality of being loyal to the firm plays out. However, at the end of the day, the salary you receive is the most important because that is what helps you to run your house and live your life. This is why if you feel that you are getting a considerably better pay package at another firm, you must consider moving out. However, this also means that you must find out about the work burden that is likely to be on your shoulders. You must accept offers only then you are sure that you will be able to do it well.
  3. Any harassment: Workplace harassment is not something that we do not know about. There are instances when we ignore it and try to move ahead with work because we need the job. however, there comes a time when you realize that enough is enough and it is time you left this job. this is not specific for just women or men. Both the genders may be at the receiving end of such trauma.
  4. Are you ready for a new job? Last but definitely not the least, you must ask yourself that you ready to go to a new company and then try to mold yourself according to their needs as well. If the answer is “yes”, you know what to do.