great feeling

Creativity is your mind introducing you to a whole new galaxy of ideas, concepts, dreams and passions. Hard work is the effort you mind and body generates to make that creative vision of yours a reality. Innovation is the process of thinking creatively and transforming the way people once did things. It takes a very creative mind to see how an existing way of life can be improved to provide a better experience by implementing an idea that has not yet been imagined. Often our brains work their magic while our bodies slag behind too lazy to get work done and often this procrastination keeps the world in the dark, hidden from great and revolutionary ideas that can change concepts of time and reality (Well not literally). It’s important for budding entrepreneurs and artists to understand that everything that they think of and come up with is unique and needs to be set out into the world with correct measures and platforms. In today’s technologically advancing, globally industrializing and modernizing world that we live in, a constant source of fresh ideas and projects are highly called for, mankind needs them. There are various questions that arise when you think about an entrepreneur and his life goals.

Is his entire passion fueled by the undying need to fight competition or make it a better and safer space for mankind? What is his true calling? Is he here to make profits or derive pleasure by providing selfless services?

An entrepreneur is greatly competitive but in all of its healthy ways. It’s constructive and productive for the final purpose is to put something out there to make lives better, faster and brighter. However risk is a great roadblock that has prevented many a great ideas from being unleashed into our world. Creativity cannot be taught, it’s inspired. It’s a flame, once lit, it can give you your fire. Failure feels like an insult but being afraid and hiding in the shadows is a shame. Your genius mind deserves to be applauded and praised and failures,you can recover from but the guilt of shame that haunts you forever.

When you unleash your creative self, business comes to you. You tell a story and that story only has your name as its author. Its title and body and its destiny is all yours. When you make something great, chances come at you by themselves, you won’t have to go looking for them. But when they do, make sure you grab them and keep them in your hold for as long as possible. Work hard, think harder. Make the project your life and give it your all, I mean it is in fact your brain child. Nurture it and help it grow. You just got to take a leap of faith and when that faith is restored, you need to work and sweat and work some more until you put out that project, with all your life’s time and effort and heart and body and soul.

As an entrepreneur, your mind is your greatest weapon. You can develop your mind to learn and produce great things, but this only occurs when you force it to grow and operate on a level beyond your average thinking. When your mind is fully opened, ideas that can change your life will begin pouring out of you.Business pioneers have built great empires based on their creative ideas —Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and Bill Gates are just a few. Once you choose to open your creative mind, and explore your big ideas, you can build your own entrepreneurial empire too.

So create challenges for yourself to overcome, comfort is what stifles creativity. Get out of your comfort zone and explore, there is a whole new world out there. Push yourself to cross boundaries and do better, because you can and you will. Strive to observe, admire, interact, take risks and most importantly,embrace.  Embrace your creativity. Work hard to give it life and your vision, a destination. And let your empire rise!