finance book

When it comes to money management many people might have a hard time in making a proper budget which is both practical as well as beneficial for them.  That’s when a good financial book comes to rescue. Reading good financial books will help you with all your money related problems and also enhance your money management’s skills. A good financial book will guide you while making a budget that suits your circumstances and also guides oneself to make smart investments!

So here is a list of five of the most popular books that have helped a lot of people when it comes to financing!

The Total Money Makeover

Published originally in 2003 and has been updated since then, the total Money Makeover is a book that helps you in a way in which you can deal with debts.  Dave Ramsay himself is a profound financial book writer and his advices have known to be quite useful when it comes to financing strategies. Hitting the best seller list of the ‘New York Times’ for two subsequent years, this books has till now sold over 5 million copies. This books advices you ways in which you can avoid debts and if you are already trapped in one then get out of it. This book features 7 easy steps by which you can efficiently tackle a debt and a few positive changes that will help you stay out of it.

I will teach you to be rich

This is a book written by Ramesh Sethi and is all about personal financing and investments.  It was originally published in 2009 and it breaks down the complicated financial topics into simple and understandable one.  The suggestion given in these books are practically actionable and easy to follow.  The approaches to money managements are both flexible and workable as well.  It acts as a foundation for all the beginners in financing.

Your Money or your Life

This is a book written by Vickie Robin and Joe Dominguez which not simply showers with tons of financial advices but also takes you to the depth of the psychology of money.  The book familiarizes you with the ways in which you can spend money effectively, compare debt etc.  The prime focus of this book is experiences and no just financial terms. It helps you in reframing you thought process when it comes to finance.  It guides through the process of purchasing by focusing on things like hours worked and time dedicated to it.

The Richest Man in Babylon

This book is written by George Clason and was originally published in 1926. This book features many different short parables which are based on ancient Babylon. Some of the nerve financial topics like household budgeting, business, financing, money management etc are all explained in these books in a very practical and easily understandable way.  Although this book is old, but even today this book is known to be the basic foundation for fiancé related stuff. Since this book explained all thing finance through sort stories it becomes quite interesting to read this. For those not a big fan of those boring financial books that simply pour all the financial data on you can totally go for this book.

Get a Financial life

This is a book written by Beth Kobliner and aim majorly at a particular group of people who belong to their 20s or 30s. For those of you who are dealing with student loans or education loans or home loans and are sinking in the debt. Don’t Worry. This book will come to your rescue and will take you out of the bog of debts that you have been droning in. it suggests you way in which you can stay out of debt no matter how convincing some schemes may look and have a better financial life.

Thus you can choose one of these books according to your needs and help improve your money management skills.