Now day’s companies are hiring employees who come from diverse background. All of them have their choices and preference when it comes to work. Now usually they are quite enthusiastic during the initial days of their job, but with time, because they have to do the same type of work again and again, they often tend to get bored. This way they lose their interest in the work and this in turn results in the decrease in the productivity.  Thus it becomes necessary for the companies to keep challenging their employees from time to time so that they don’t lose their enthusiasm and keep working with full productivity.

Now here are a few ways in which you can make your workspace more challenging for your employees.

Bring unplanned and unpredictable situation to your employees

Now many at times your employees may get bored by doing the same old stuff every single day.  This may lead to a decrease in their motivation and also their productivity. The best way to boost their motivation is to make them face new kinds of situations like in the workplace. Give them new projects that involve brainstorming. Give them work that is different then what they usually do. Help them in pushing their own limit and think out of the box. Encourage them to come up with new methods of doing the task rather than the regular ones that they have been doing previously.  Drop an unpredictable situation in front of them and then ask them to use their creativity and smart work to solve that problem.

Encourage them to come up with new kind of methodologies to complete a task

Many at time employees get bored mostly because they have to do the same kind of work in the same manner that they have been directed. Although when they are initially directed about how they should perform a task, it proves to be quite helpful to them because they are new in the workforce. Also this encourages them to work more efficiently as per the given guidelines.  But as the time passes by, these regular methods tend to bore the employees and this is quite expectable. So instead of ordering them to do a particular task in the same way they have been doing it for ages encourages your employees to develop their own strategies. This is because since your employees are experienced now, they can think of more possibilities than they could previously do. Allow them to come of new idea, to brainstorm as much as they can, to challenge their own potential and come up with their best work ever. This way they will get back on track and start working whole heartedly towards the task or the project that they will be specified.


Thus the main thing is to keep encouraging your employees to keep challenging themselves. Don’t let them follow the old traditional methods of working. Instead encourage them to bring out their creativity and come with smart working approaches.