There were times when publicity was very difficult and expensive for small businesses. They didn’t have the budget to get famous people to endorse and why would people listen to a nobody endorsing any product. Having people who already have influence on people helps. The problem is that people with influence come with a high price tag.

Thanks to the rise of social media influencers, this problem has a solution. Now, the point again is to whether to go with bigger influencers or smaller ones. Depending on your budget, the choice becomes obvious, but take a step back and consider other factors as well.

  • Small influencers have a tight-knit community

Bigger influencers have a large audience, but small influencers are more dedicated to the creator. They want to support any way they can, and because of past events and various misconceptions, people consider small influencers to be much more honest. Because big influencers charge a lot of money, they can be seen as sell-outs by fans, as seen by many last year scandals.

  • They are more committed to your product

If you research properly and find influencers that already have an interest in your brand or have shown interest in your brand, you are most likely to find creators who will genuinely try out the products to its fullest potential and give it more time and efforts. Their reviews can be detailed with an adequate amount of pros and cons for the potential buyer to seriously consider it.

  • Shared respect and professionalism

Not saying that big influencers don’t give respect or show professionalism but when you are a small creator, even if you pay them the asking price, they don’t need you as much as you need them, it creates a sort of power play. That has been seen time and time again. Most small influencers are thankful for the opportunity and will do the best because they are still making a name in the community.

These are the key factors that have recently made even big brands turning to the small influencers. One of the other reasons is that the brands save a ton of money. Where they were paying as well as sending the product to a big influencer, they now just send the products to the smaller ones. Smaller influencers mostly don’t get paid by bigger brands. It is a win-win situation sort out. Small influencers get exposure, and big brands get genuine promotions. Although they should be paid for their time, when you think of it from a business point of view, both the parties have a point.

Nowadays, creators have started demanding they be paid for their time and this has made the brands more aware of them not getting things for free just for exposure, but there are always brands looking to cut corners and influencers looking to get expensive free products to review.

If you are a small business, then you know how important even one contract is. Try paying whatever you can to even the small creator you are working with, you are bound to get good results eventually.