If you happen to be looking for reasons to quit using drugs, chances are excellent that you’ve noticed your life isn’t as successful, enjoyable, or happy as it used to be. You might have been under the impression that you could use drugs and yet keep things together. At times, this can be done for a little while, but that also depends on the individual. That said, by the time the drug use becomes an addiction, your life has already started that downward slide.

Here are a few reasons to get off the drugs now.

Your Health

There isn’t a drug out there that doesn’t have at least some harmful effects, even prescription medications. This means it’s a good idea for your health to get into the best outpatient drug treatment program you can find as soon as possible. Painkillers and heroin both suppress the lungs’ action, which can lead to tuberculosis, abscesses, or pneumonia. Marijuana, which most people claim is harmless, can lead to alterations in your brain that are akin to those that happen with schizophrenia on top of damaging your lungs. Meth is just poison for the entire body, especially when it comes to the brain and nervous system. Using alcohol or drugs heavily can lead to not only extreme weight loss but also to malnutrition that has an effect on the ability of the body to resist illness.

Reduce the Risk of Dying

There are quite a few drugs that have the ability to cause death the very first time they’re used. Others can have long-term damaging effects. This can make it difficult to get a life insurance policy to cover your expenses once you’re gone. Cocaine causes stress to your arteries and heart and can also cause an immediate heart attack or cardiac arrest. Alcohol kills by overdose and by increasing the risk of dangerous accidents. You can easily have a fatal overdose when it comes to any type of opiate. Synthetic drugs like Ecstasy might make you overheat, and this can lead to your organs breaking down. Quitting the drugs will add to the length of your life.

Keeping a Job

One sign of sliding into addiction is the loss of a job. It’s also quite common for addicts to blame other people for this. However, it’s typically due to the person not performing their job as well as they did before or from failing a drug test. There may have been a rise in the number of times they’re out sick. Projects might not end up being finished. Mistakes are made with more frequency. Co-workers might be alienated, and customers neglected. The final result of all of this is that they no longer have a job. This can have a profound effect on income, benefits and mental health because it can lead to depression.

There are numerous reasons to get off drugs. The road won’t be easy but the point is, your life will be better as soon as you do.